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Custom Branding

Customize Workzone with logos and colors so that it reflects your brand or your client’s. With Workzone, you can create a private portal/extranet for each important client or business partner.

Stay on brand.
What is Custom Branding?

Workzone’s online Project Management System allows you to add your branding, including colors and logos.

If you’re a client facing organization and would like to set up workspaces for each of your clients, you’re able to add their custom branding as well.

Why is Custom Branding important?

The extra polish of custom branding goes a long way to establish and maintain with clients and teams.

Who uses Custom Branding?

Workzone is for teams of 5-500+, and every team wants a space to manage projects that feels customized for them. Workzone allows you to do so easily by adding a logo and your colors to all views.

For agencies and consultancies, custom branding adds an extra touch of personalization and professionalism that your clients are looking for. Each of their access portals will be customized with their specific brand identity.

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