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Project Management Software Perfected Through 15 Years of Real-World Use

For 15 years, companies like Wells Fargo and Adidas have counted on WorkZone project management software to manage their projects more effectively. Let the entire team see where projects stand and you’ll have fewer missed deadlines and a lot less stress. More robust than entry-level tools, like Basecamp, and easier-to-use than high-end tools, like Microsoft Project, WorkZone is the “just right” solution for most teams.

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” WorkZone project management software helps us expedite the creative review process for more than 200 projects at a time across our 15 major brands. We now get more work done, more quickly, and everyone’s on the same page. “

– Donna Fox, Interactive Project Manager, Brown Shoe Company

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Gain Visibility to All of Your Team’s Projects

WorkZone’s centralized dashboard shows what’s going on with your projects across departments, clients, or campaigns. Automated emails alert the team to items needing attention, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Keep Users Focused With Personalized To-Do Lists

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What should I be working on? Created automatically for each user, the To-Do List helps keep everyone focused on what’s most important, without the learning curve of more complex tools, like Microsoft Project.

Sophisticated Enough to Handle Real-World Projects

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Entry-level tools (like Basecamp and Asana) treat project plans like grocery lists of similar items to be checked off. WorkZone understands that some tasks have subtasks and depend on the completion of other tasks before they can begin.

Save Time by Sharing and Reviewing Documents Online

A much easier file sharing alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint, each person gets access to just the appropriate files. Everyone stays on the same page, reviewing the latest versions in a centralized location, linked to its associated project.

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Streamline Creative Review and Get Approvals Faster

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Use WorkZone’s online collaboration software to mark up images online (with no additional software), expediting and centralizing creative feedback. Request and document approval of files online to document signoffs before moving forward.

With the hundreds of web-based project management software alternatives on the market, it can be daunting to pick one, much less review them all. You can feel confident in selecting WorkZone, one of the most mature, battle-tested web-based project management tools on the market, up and running continuously since 2002. Extremely intuitive, WorkZone can be used by experienced and novice users, with a much faster learning curve than more complicated project management tools. Need help? WorkZone not only helps get your team up and running, but also provides ongoing support to make sure you are successful in managing your projects.

WorkZone provides extensive reporting at varied levels of detail. Senior management will appreciate the cross-projects dashboard that shows where all projects stand. Tactical project managers will have action-oriented to-do lists to identify what’s next in each project and problems that need to be corrected. Team members needing to get work done can work from an intuitive personal to-do list that will update the project plans as items get checked off.

Need a secure place to share documents associated with your projects? WorkZone has robust document management and creative review tools to make sure everyone has access to the right version of files. Work gets updated, with fewer errors and less repetition. See how WorkZone project management software can make your organization more productive.

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