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Project Templates

Save any project as a template that can be reused the next time you have a similar project or process. Workzone can quickly layout the project schedule from a start date or working backward from a deadline. Project templates are a huge time saver and reinforce consistent processes across the organization.

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What are Project Templates?

Project templates save teams’ time by allowing them to quickly create projects that are repetitive and/or occur frequently. When existing templates are reused, its tasks along with associated fields (person responsible, timelines, etc) can be copied into the project.

Why are Project Templates important?

Teams and managers like Project Templates for the amount of value both in three big ways.

First, consistency. Every step, task duration, resource, and people responsible will be the same every time because they are all saved in the template.

Second, efficiency & time savings. No more copying and pasting old projects from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. One click in Workzone creates the entire project for you.

Third, iterability. Did you need to add or remove a task from the template? Or change the person responsible? Just change the template, and the next time you create that project, you’ll be using the latest version.

Who uses Project Templates?

Project Managers are great users of Templates because it saves them time and effort re-creating frequent projects.

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