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Project Request Forms

Create custom forms and allow others to request projects online. Workzone automates the workflow by capturing the custom information you’ve specified, emailing the project request to the appropriate parties, and providing a central place for communications about the request. A central dashboard lets everyone see where requests stand.

Collaborate seamlessly with your clients.
What are Project Request Forms?

Project request forms intake requests from internal or external parties for work.

Why are Project Request Forms important?

For many without software (or with software!), requests are taken in the hallway, at your desk, by email, or chat. This can get disorganized quickly!

Workzone’s Project Request Forms funnel all project requests through one central dashboard for your team’s approval. The forms themselves can be customized depending on the type of request being taken including minimum lead times (so people don’t request an 18-page brochure tomorrow!).

A team gains a lot of value from project request forms. Let’s look at three ways your team can gain value by using project request forms:

First, detail. Your team receives the same, important information every time because they are asking the same questions in the form. By asking the right questions, the marketing team does not need to go back and forth trying to nail down project details.

Second, control. Because project requests go to a central approval dashboard, your team can approve, delay, or deny projects based on their workload at the time.

Third, expectations. With features like lead times built into the request forms, your team can set expectations to your clients on when work can be completed.

Who uses Project Request Forms?

Any team who intakes projects from internal or external parties find tremendous value in the efficiency and centralization of Project Request Forms.

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