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Project Dashboard

Get the big-picture view of where all projects stand across departments, clients or campaigns. Great for status review meetings, the project dashboard helps get everyone on the same page. This summary view complements the tactical to-do lists that keep the team focused on getting work done.

Finally… see everything in one place.
What is a Project Dashboard?

An all projects dashboard gives a high-level view to all projects going on at one time. It will capture the most important information on the overall status of ongoing projects. This real-time insight on the progress of ongoing projects is critical to the effective management of teams and workflows.

Why is a Project Dashboard important?

An ideal Projects Dashboard layout presents key project metrics and information in easy-to-read, intuitive formats that allow managers to “see” every detail. For example, colors and/or symbols representing late or overdue projects lets a manager glance at a dashboard and take action.

Who uses a Project Dashboard?

Most users can benefit from a project dashboard, but its managers and executives who get the most value. At a glance, leadership can see all project statuses at once and drill down into specific projects to see more detail on a late or delayed project.

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