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Approvals Workflow

Request approvals on files or web links. Workzone automates the approval workflow, emailing the approval request to the appropriate parties, tracking and recording responses, and sending alerts to those whose approval is overdue. An approvals dashboard shows you where everything stands.

Stay in control of your workload.
What is the Approvals Workflow?

Whether you receive a project request through Workzone or add in the project request that someone sends you, you’ll want an easy way to track and communicate with stakeholders.

The Approvals Dashboard allows you to see and manage all active projects, share and receive comments on projects and documents, and get approval on completed work.

Why is the Approvals Workflow important?

The Approvals Workflow can help you speed up projects by replacing the old game of phone tag, trying to set up meetings with busy stakeholders, or relying on clients to know how to mark-up documents. Workzone centralizes everything and gives everyone involved a quick and seamless way to communicate. Automated emails can also be sent when updates are made to a project, so there’s no need to send an email reminder after you’ve made an update in Workzone.

Who uses the Approvals Workflow?

The Approvals Workflow can help any user who is managing a project with another stakeholder, whether that be an internal team member or an external client.

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