24 Best Smartsheet Alternatives For 2020 (Free & Paid)

24 Best Smartsheet Alternatives For 2020 (Free & Paid)

Steve Pogue

Smartsheet’s interface is familiar to users who spend a lot of time in Excel or spreadsheets.

But once you add too many projects, you have an explosion of multi-layered sheets. And no one knows what to do next.

Though it’s similar to spreadsheets, there is still quite a learning curve for new Smartsheet users to fully take advantage of the software’s feature.

But if your team isn’t confident with spreadsheets or would like a different feel for project management, then it’s to look at Smartsheet alternatives.

Before you make a decision on choosing a project management software, here are the top Smartsheet alternatives to help you find the best fit for your needs:

Best Smartsheet Alternatives

1. Workzone

workzone is a comprehensive smartsheet alternative

Spreadsheets still feel too much like Excel? Check out Workzone. As a Smartsheet alternative, Workzone gives you project management the way it was meant to be, complete with excellent customer support. Workzone is easier to use than Smartsheet and you get the benefit of growing up from spreadsheets.

Workzone includes:

  • Task dependencies
  • Gantt charts
  • Resource allocation
  • Visual dashboard reporting
  • Permissions for certain users to access projects, tasks and files

Workzone provides unlimited support and a devotion to getting every customer successful. Their comprehensive on-boarding process ensures that everyone is trained and adopts the system quickly.

Frustrated with Smartsheet?

2. Asana

asana is a lighter weight smartsheet alternative

Like Smartsheet, Asana has many features to help you keep track of your projects at a glance – e.g. progress reports, color-coded key tasks, boards feature for managing tasks, mobile app, and ability to add tasks by email and sync to Google Calendar or iCal.

Moving from Smartsheet to Asana, users may feel that Asana is lacking some of the more powerful features of Smartsheet.

Pricing: Free-$9.99/user/month

3. Trello

trello is a smartsheet alternative

Trello helps companies of any size track the status of tasks and projects using an intuitive system of “boards” that takes no time for new team members to get up to speed.

This web-based software allows users to invite outside members (e.g. vendors or clients) to view or collaborate on specific boards, and users can also print their boards to PDF for future reference.

Information is synched up across all devices, and users can increase productivity by using “Power-Ups” to integrate with other services.

Although great for keeping track of tasks, Trello has limited functionalities when it comes to project management (e.g. no resource allocation capability.)

Pricing: Free to $9.99/user/month

4. Scoro

scoro is a technical smartsheet alternative

Control your whole creative project management workflow in one place with Scoro. Streamline your work with projects planning, time tracking, contact management (instead of another CRM) and billing.

Pricing: $22-$55/user/month

5. Wrike

wrike is a smartsheet alternative

Wrike is an end-to-end solution that takes your projects from initial request to tracking work progress to reporting results. It’s designed for mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

It offers integration with many popular tools and apps. Users can collaborate via mobile app and customize their dashboards to increase productivity.

The software requires Flash Player to run and it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication for added security.

Pricing: Free-$9.80/user/month

6. Basecamp

basecamp is a smartsheet alternative

Basecamp has been the longstanding project management solution with over 100,000 paying customers. It’s designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and groups within large organizations.

This cloud-based application allows team members to collaborate real-time both on desktop and via mobile app. It helps centralize project management and team communication, so the entire team can have clear visibility into projects.

Basecamp offers access control and creates backups to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Basecamp’s features are quite standard so may not have unique features that meet specific needs. It also lacks recurring tasks or to-do lists, which are common in many other project management tools.

Pricing: $99 per month

7. Microsoft Project

project management alternative -- ms project

Microsoft Project has been used for decades in project management. Now it’s available as a simple cloud-based Office 365 subscription that allows users to access the software via desktop or mobile app and collaborate real-time.

It offers the standard features many project managers are familiar with and includes time and resource tracking as well as reporting functionalities with built-in customizable templates.

For most users, getting up and running with the software could take quite a bit of learning time. All the bells and whistles may be useful for highly complex projects; however, they might become a distraction for smaller projects.

Pricing: $30/user/month


jira project management software alternative

JIRA by Atlassian is a project management tool built for software development teams. It’s designed to support the Agile process during which teams plan, build, track and release software early and often.

Users can use one of their out-of-the-box workflows or create their own. JIRA integrates with tools and software to help teams increase productivity.

Some users find JIRA’s interface clunky at times, and certain functionalities confusing.

Pricing: $10/ 10 users / month

9. Redbooth

redbooth project management software alternative

Redbooth is an easy-to-use online task and project management tool designed to help teams improve productivity.

Similar to Smartsheet, the software allows users to generate interactive timelines (Gantt charts.)

Some users find the app’s customization capability to be slightly limited, and the software doesn’t allow mass upload of tasks from Excel (which could make for a painful transition if you’re currently tracking projects on spreadsheet.)

Pricing: Free-$5/user/month.

10. Targetprocess

target process project management software alternative

Targetprocess is a project management tool designed for visualizing and managing Agile projects according to Scrum, Kanban or a custom approach.

Some users find the software’s interface overly complex and it often takes a while for team members to get up to speed.

Pricing: Free-$20/user/month

11. Excel Online

excel tips and tricks countifs function

Microsoft Office 365 offers a pared down version of their offline equivalent, including MS Excel with which teams can track projects and visualize timeline.

Even though tracking projects on spreadsheet may sound like a convenient option because most people already have MS Excel installed on their computers, there are limitations.

Excel doesn’t have features specifically designed for project management, such as real-time collaboration, extensive track changes, and customer support – and it’s not ideal for tracking complex projects that involve multiple dependencies, resources, and milestones.

Pricing: Free for Microsoft Office 365 users


12. Google Sheet

Very similar to Excel, Google Sheet can be used to track projects and visualize timeline.

It’s good for collaboration and version control because multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously and the changes are saved automatically.

Google Sheet is a spreadsheet software and not designed specifically for project management. It has similar limitations as MS Excel when it comes to tracking projects and managing resources.

Pricing: Free with a Google Account

13. Freedcamp

Freedcamp’s vision is to make the majority of its project management features available to all free of charge. Their paid features are available to non-profits, teachers, and students at no charge.

Users can use Freedcamp to track tasks, milestones, discussions, and more.

Freedcamp doesn’t support Gantt chart, and a task can only be assigned to one person even if multiple team members are working on it. Some users find the interface not quite intuitive, so it may take some getting used to.

Pricing: Free-$3.99/user/month

14. Zoho Projects

It’s the project management software from Zoho, a brand that provides a variety of software to enable businesses to operate online.

You can plan your projects, assign tasks, communicate with your team, stay on top of important updates, and view detailed progress reports. Like Smartsheet, it also offers integration with many popular tools to help increase productivity.

Unlike many similar services, you can add unlimited users on all plans at no extra cost.

Zoho Projects takes a while to learn, and it doesn’t allow you to set apart billable vs. non-billable hours in the Timesheet Calendar view.

Pricing: Free-$25/user/month

15. VersionOne

VersionOne is an enterprise software platform for unified Agile & DevOps.

With a more specific clientele in mind than Smartsheet, it’s designed to support methodologies such as the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), Enterprise Scrum, Kanban, DAD, LeSS, or a Hybrid approach.

It integrates with a variety of team and enterprise tools to help increase productivity.

Since this software is designed to address the complexity of a variety software development models, it could take team members some time to get up to speed and take advantage of all the features and functionalities.

Pricing: Free-$29/user/month

16. Podio

podio project management software alternative

Podio designed for small growing companies to run their entire businesses and innovative teams in enterprises to manage their communications.

As part of Citrix, Podio is known for its stability (99.99% up time) and security standard. Its ability to export information to spreadsheets allows users to conduct further analysis.

Some users find Podia’s all-in-one interface to be slightly hard to navigate, and even though they have an office in North Carolina, the website doesn’t list a US phone number (you’d have to call their office in Denmark!)

Pricing: $9-$24 / user / month

17. Teamwork

teamwork project management software alternative

Teamwork helps teams increase productivity and improve collaboration with features such as tasks, task lists, time tracking, file uploads, and messages to streamline day-to-day work.

The software’s flexibility allows teams to adapt the tool to the way they operate and users like the versatility and reliability of the system. It also allows users to export an entire database to a MySQL file.

The chart feature is somewhat basic in Teamwork, so you may need to use other software to help enhance data visualization and reporting.

Pricing: $44.92 per month / up to 40 projects

18. ProjectManager.com

ProjectManager.com is a comprehensive project management tool that supports features similar to those of Smartsheet, such as Gantt Charts, resource and task tracking, real-time dashboards, team collaboration, and mobile apps.

Most users find this software user-friendly and effective in helping keep various projects and teams organized.

The software’s integration with MS Project is limited, and users also have few options to customize columns in lists.

Pricing: $15-$25 /user/month

19. Assembla

assembla project management software alternative

Assembla is a code and task management tool for teams building innovative software. It’s popular among video game, mobile app and design robot developers.

Assembla offers a robust Git repository, or customers can use their Github integration. It also has a private install solution that can be set up in minutes and requires little maintenance to address specific security requirements.

Pricing: $7.50/user/month

20. Mavenlink
mavenlink project management software alternative

Mavenlink is a project management tool designed for professional service businesses, especially in the marketing, advertising, public relations, architecture, engineering, IT services, management consulting and education.

Its project plan templates allow users to create tasks, checklists, schedules, budgets, dependencies, and role-based resource assignments. It’s the most-installed project management app in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Like many project management tools, there is a slight learning curve especially for users who are not familiar with project management software. Some users also find the ability to customize limited.

Pricing: $19-$39/user/month

21. Intervals

intervals project management software alternative

Intervals by Pelago helps freelancers, small businesses, and departments of larger companies keep projects within scope and budget. It’s used by designers, web developers, consultants, IT services, software companies, as well as PR, marketing, SEO, and SEM agencies.

It has robust project management features similar to Smartsheet, including time tracking, task management, reporting, workflow and more. It also offers timesheet and invoicing functionalities.

Some users find Intervals’ scheduling capability limiting, so you may need to use an additional employee scheduling software.

Pricing: $25-$249/month depending on project size

22. iMeet® Central

iMeet® Central is a project management software designed for marketers, agencies as well as enterprise teams.

For marketers and agencies, the software offers project and campaign management, branded workplace for client teams, and project-specific workspace for collaboration with vendors and freelancers.

Some users find the software challenging to navigate, so it may take team members a while to be able to take advantage of all the functionalities.

Pricing: $25-$45/user/month

23. Celoxis

Celoxis is an integrated and collaborative web-based platform with a wide range of functionalities for managing projects, finances, resources and business processes online:

Some users find Celoxis’ interface complex and not intuitive to use, which may require additional training and onboarding time for team members.

Pricing:  US$25 per user per month, while the on-premise solution costs a one-time US$450 per user.

24. SharePoint

smartsheet alternatives sharepoint

As part of the Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint works well with Windows and other applications in the MS Office Suite, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

SharePoint also integrates with existing Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) and applications like DocuSign, and syncs files and folders to OneDrive.

This software is only compatible with Windows operating system, which could pose a challenge if team members are running a variety of OS on their computers.

Pricing: $5-$20/user/month


As you can see, there are many Smartsheet alternatives to choose from to help you efficiently manage your projects.

Makes sure you understand your specific needs, so you can select one that best suits your priorities and budget.

Does your team need a powerful project management tool that the whole team can use? Workzone may be just the ticket…


Steve Pogue is the Marketing Operations Manager at Workzone. He writes about project management tips and the buying process. When not at Workzone, you can find him playing vintage base ball or relaxing with his family at home.