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“I cannot stress enough how much more streamlined and efficient our workflow has become since we started using Workzone. We were using a spreadsheet and paper requests and seemed to always be looking for job updates, proof, etc. The dashboard gives an instant update of the department and no more searching for lost papers! The support we received from our Customer Success Manager and the rest of the Workzone crew has been nothing short of AWESOME!”

Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, Director of Marketing

Kansas State University 1,000+ employees

“It makes working on projects with multiple components and people easy to stay organized and keep track of the progress. It is easy to use. Customer service is great. The Workzone team is always looking to improve their product and service. For my needs, I have no complaints.”

Margo Yacheshyn, Graphic Designer

University of British Columbia 5,000+ employees

“Workzone has allowed us to access projects while on the road, track down communication timelines when projects fall into "proof limbo," and gain insight into our department's capacity. I love being able to tell at a glance which projects are on track (or not), taking more (or less) time than anticipated, and who should have time to work on urgent requests. It's strange to love software because of the customer service, but WorkZone's responsive, witty team made deploying this robust program with 30+ reluctant creatives successful.”

Keri Lewis, Media Relations Manager

Mississippi State University 1,000+ employees

“Since I work for the Communication and Creative Services department for a college with 10 campuses, Workzone makes it possible to keep track of all our projects. Thanks to this software, we can have multiple users across the state work on projects easily with each other.”

Melani Zuniga, Assistant Director of Creative Services

Texas State Technical College 1,000+ employees

“Workzone was great for our department.  When it was discovered its many features, others piggybacked on our template.  Our department used the features we needed to the fullest. We were able to set up templates to organize our processes.  Being able to follow the process, step-by-step, is critical to the success of our course development.  Faculty and supporting department tasks are all under one project for at-a-glance status review.”

Laurie Saunders, Course Operations Manager

American Public University System 1,000+ employees

Know where every project stands

Workzone helps you save time on processes and approvals. Quickly review status updates for everything with cross-project dashboards. Deploy project templates in seconds on your frequently recurring projects to ensure processes are followed consistently every time.

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Stay in charge

Your priorities change all the time. Never get locked into old details and priorities. Pivot quickly, update your work, and measure results for your projects.

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Work smarter together

Split up tasks and collaborate quickly on your projects. Workzone offers the flexibility and security to support multiple users and teams.

higher education project management software collaboration

Always know what to do next

In Workzone, each user gets their own personalized to-do list. It gives a focused, cross-project view to organize each day’s work and is created automatically for each user. As each user updates his/her own to-do list, the project plans get updated automatically.

To Do Lists

Maximize your results

Many entry-level tools won’t have enough reporting capabilities to give you the insights that you need. See the project progress across workspaces and easily identify where you need to make changes.

higher education reporting analytics screenshot

Made for higher education teams like yours

Workzone was one of the first higher education project management software on the market, and that means that we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve worked with university and college teams of every size, and we’ve used their feedback and experience to build the most mature, powerful project management tool on the market.

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Gain partners in your success

Picking the right software isn’t enough. Process change is hard, even for the most talented teams.

Workzone helps your team build the foundation, processes, and discipline you need to drive your project management success.

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