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Workzone is loved by marketing teams big and small because it keeps their campaigns on track.
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Rated #1 in Project Management

among all marketing project management software by Capterra, Software Advice, and Get App

“We chose this software because of the dual functionality... project management and document storage/sharing. It's very intuitive and easy to use and was easy to set up initially. Customer support is very responsive with training and any issues we have well as very open to suggestions.”

Jennifer Weitzel, Manager of Marketing Operations

Cedar Fair Entertainment 1,000+ employees

“Workzone is a great tool for managing projects, collaboration, and communications. Also, Workzone gives our management team a clear view of all of the work in process and also those projects planned and completed, so if there is ever an issue with resources or prioritization of projects, managers can jump in and adjust where necessary.”

Karen Redfern, Marketing Operations

Diebold Nixdorf 10,000+ employees

“Workzone has made my job so much better! Using Workzone has significantly cut down on the number of emails I exchange with our designers. It's so much easier now to check Workzone and know the status of projects in the design process. We can now set realistic timelines and accurately track how much time we spend on different clients. All of our files are kept in Workzone, too, so it definitely helps with version control.”

Courtney Johnson, Sr. Marketing Manager

Magellan Health 10,000+ employees

“I cannot stress enough how much more streamlined and efficient our workflow has become since we started using Workzone. We were using a spreadsheet and paper requests and seemed to always be looking for job updates, proof, etc. The dashboard gives an instant update of the department and no more searching for lost papers! The support we received from our Customer Success Manager and the rest of the Workzone crew has been nothing short of AWESOME!”

Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, Director of Marketing

Kansas State University 1,000+ employees

“Workzone enables our company to organize, track status, and communicate between one and other for each and every job. Workzone saves us so much time by having everything in one place. Job details and conversations are added, documented and stored for current active jobs and can be referred to after job completion. We now can't imagine how we got by without Workzone in previous years.”

Kevin Cornelius, Print Production Manager

TRAVELSAVERS 100+ employees

Know where every project stands

Whether it’s a new website or a new blog post, Workzone helps you save time on processes and approvals. Quickly review status updates for everything with cross-project dashboards and specific project sections.

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Stay in charge

Marketing priorities change all the time. Never get locked into old details and priorities. Pivot quickly, update your work, and measure results for your projects.

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Work smarter together

Split up creative tasks and collaborate quickly on your marketing plan. Workzone offers the flexibility and security to support multiple users and teams.

Always know what to do next

In Workzone, each user gets their own personalized to-do list. It gives a focused, cross-project view to organize each day’s work and is created automatically for each user. As each user updates his/her own to-do list, the project plans get updated automatically.

To Do Lists

Maximize your results

Many entry-level tools won’t have enough reporting capabilities to give you the insights that you need. See the project progress across workspaces and easily identify where you need to make changes.

marketing project management software reporting analytics screenshot

Made for marketing teams like yours

Workzone was among the first marketing project management software in the market, and that means that we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve worked with marketing teams of every size, and we’ve used their feedback and experience to build the most mature, powerful project management tool on the market.

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Gain partners in your success

Picking the right software isn’t enough. Process change is hard, even for the most talented teams.

Workzone helps your team build the foundation, processes, and discipline you need to drive your project management success.

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