Building better teams and a better world.

Who We Are

Workzone was founded in the early 2000s when Rick and Allan realized that marketers needed a better way to manage their projects and collaborate with other teams. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they were also great friends who wanted to work together every day.

Since then, Workzone has helped thousands of businesses become more productive. We’ve grown from a small rag-tag team to a slightly larger rag-tag team of people who love to come to work and solve problems every day.

We empower our people to do good in the world, which is why every employee gets a sizable allowance to donate to a charity of their choice. We also participate in team volunteering in our local area whenever we get the chance. It’s one of our most important programs and we’re proud to have donated $2.1 million over the years.

Workzone’s mission is to make our customers successful, keep our team happy and healthy, and help those who need it.

Our values

Question everything

We hire people who are innately curious about how the world works: the people who ask ‘why?’ before taking action. We question ourselves, each other and our customers to make sure we never get too complacent or comfortable.

Act with purpose

Workzone’s product and people have one big thing in common: purpose. Our software is built thoughtfully designed to ensure only the good stuff gets in - the features that will really benefit our customers. And our team? We have one shared purpose: to make our customers successful.

Kindness counts

Kindness is underrated and overlooked, which is why we actively list it as a job requirement when hiring at Workzone. When your job is to make customers successful, kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness go a long way.

By the numbers

$2 million donated to charity

2,699,702+ successfully completed projects

16+ years making companies more productive

Meet our team

Julia Peterdozzi 
Customer Success Manager Customer Success Manager
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    Kevin Church
    VP, Engineering VP, Engineering

      Kevin spends most of his time building things with code, but in his off-time he loves building things with wood.

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      Diana Asbury
      Director of Marketing Director of Marketing

      Diana believes life is more fun when you have a lot to look forward to – at Workzone she’s able to live out her planning dreams every day. She’s got a love for fashion, travel, and volunteering.

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      Chris DeVries
      Product Specialist Product Specialist

      Chris is a Workzone ace and an accomplished cook. Despite having traveled to all 48 mainland US states, his favorite place on Earth is still his bed in Philadelphia.

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      Ian Repko
      Marketing Manager, Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Demand Generation
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      Alex Dingley
      Director of Customer Success Director of Customer Success

      By day, Alex helps teams build sustainable project management processes and better workdays. By night, he’s a talented photographer and woodworker.

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      Product Pupport Product Pupport

        Pokey (Short for ‘pokey-mom’) because the folks who found her and brought her to the rescue were literally walking around west Philly, while playing Pokeymon Go when they found this very very pregnant puppy)

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        Connor Hansell
        Product Specialist Product Specialist

        Connor has an encyclopedic knowledge of Workzone. Outside the office, he writes and performs music and keeps his legendary cool by practicing meditation and yoga regularly.

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        Lisa Heuerman
        Manager, Finance and HR Manager, Finance and HR

          As the hero of Workzone HQ, Lisa keeps everything running smoothly day-to-day. She loves to travel, but her favorite place is still her Maryland home on the Bohemia River.

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          H-arf Manager H-arf Manager

            Ginger likes going for rides with her Mom and Dad. On the bike, the boat, the golf cart, the paddleboard, and most of all in the truck. Don’t mess with her truck!

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            Trevor Machinia
            Director of Training and Support Director of Training and Support

            Trevor “Local Legend” Machinia leads Workzone’s Product Specialist team. Although he can transform *anything* into a drum kit, he never learned the lyrics to his favorite songs.

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            Allan Kalish
            Co-founder Co-founder

              Allan bravely served America and its allies during World War II, and currently works as Workzone’s Chairman and Co-Founder.

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              Glynnis Purcell
              Director of Sales Director of Sales

              Glynnis is a world traveler who spent seven years living across five different cities across Australia. She’s dedicated to helping teams of all sizes break challenging projects into manageable tasks.

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              Ben Butler
              Customer Success Manager Customer Success Manager

                Ben loves to get to know customers and help them achieve their goals. Working remotely, Ben lives on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay where he enjoys taking scenic photos and spending time with his wife Alison walking their 11-year-old corgi, Savannah.

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                Nicole Martin
                Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

                When she’s not managing accounts receivable for Workzone, Nicole sings like a mockingbird and bakes like nobody’s business.

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                Mike McMullen
                Product Specialist Product Specialist

                Mike is a true Workzone maestro. As an Albuquerque native, he loves taking trips to the Sandia Mountains, where he worked his *second favorite* job as a ski instructor.

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                Rick Mosenkis
                Rick Mosenkis
                Co-founder and CEO Co-founder and CEO

                Rick built Workzone, the HQ’s beautiful conference table, and his own desk. His appreciation for perspective keeps him seeking new heights as he hikes through mountain trails.

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                Chief Executive Pawfficer Chief Executive Pawfficer

                  Snickers’s face may say cuddly puppy, but this 9-year-old mutt is all business. Don’t get on his bad side, as this 17-pounder thinks he’s a big tough dog (a bad habit that he learned in the dog shelter where we found him).

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                  Drew Moyer
                  Developer Developer

                  Drew spends most of his time developing the Workzone platform, but in his free time he loves to golf and plays six musical instruments.

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                  Nap-plication Engineer Nap-plication Engineer

                    Ringo’s favorite activities are watching and chasing birds in the field behind his house and finding the sunniest places to take a well-earned nap afterward.

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                    Joe peden
                    Joe Peden
                    Security and Operations Security and Operations

                      Joe keeps Workzone stable and secure for users across the globe and coaches baseball in his off time.

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                      Steve Pogue
                      Steve Pogue
                      Marketing Operations Manager Marketing Operations Manager

                      Steve manages Workzone’s marketing ops. He plays vintage base ball (yes, two words!) on the weekends, but his favorite activity is snuggling on the couch with his wife and daughter.

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                      Eric Welch
                      Account Executive Account Executive

                        When he’s not helping teams manage projects, you can find Eric cooking up some of his award-winning chili or catching rays on the beach.

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                        Beth Ann Yahr
                        Business Development Representative Business Development Representative
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                          Ian Ferketich
                          Business Development Representative Business Development Representative
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                            Jenae Rodriguez
                            Business Development Representative Business Development Representative
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