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Gantt Chart

View your project schedules graphically across a timeline. Build and edit projects directly from our interactive Gantt Chart – allowing you to visualize changes immediately to a project schedule.

Visualize your workflows in one click.
What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a graphical representation (horizontal bar chart) of the start and end dates of the tasks within a project. Using color and bars, the Gantt Chart visualizes all projects, every task within the project, and the interdependencies between them so you can your team's workflow.

Brief history lesson: Ever since the Gantt Chart was introduced by Henry Gantt in the 1910s, it has provided a groundbreaking way to manage projects. But could you imagine drawing Gantt Charts out by hand on paper? What happens when a project is delayed? Score one for modern-day technology!

Why is Gantt chart useful?

A Gantt Chart gives a unique perspective of projects developing over time versus an all project dashboard, which gives a snapshot of what’s going on right now. Most useful for planning, a Gantt Chart uses the timeline to show a manager how future resources should be allocated, how busy a team will be in the future, and if any potential bottlenecks exist that would impede project progress.

Who uses a Gantt Chart?

For managers who like to see project tasks and projects over time, a Gantt Chart is the perfect visual representation for them. Gantt Charts differ from a calendar view because the horizontal bars extend over time, showing dependency connections when some tasks end and others begin.

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