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Status Alerts

Workzone identifies items that are at risk, so you can focus on the areas of greatest need. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts. Projects and phases slipping behind schedule are flagged with colorful caution symbols.

Don’t let tasks slip through the cracks.
What are Status Alerts?

Status Alerts in Workzone range from colorful icons on the Project Dashboard to the Notifications Inbox for each user. These alerts are strategically placed within the system so that users can quickly see the status of any given project. For example, the screenshot above shows how clear these icons stand out when viewing multiple projects at once.

Why are Status Alerts important?

Status Alerts help Workzone’s busy project managers quickly and easily see what’s going on in each project without having to click into individual projects or interrupt and ask colleagues about status.

Who uses Status Alerts?

Status Alerts can be used by everyone in the organization to help them stay on top of essential tasks to ensure deadlines are met. Managers can use the symbols on the Project Dashboard for general project health and other users can use the Notifications Inbox for alerts on comments or status updates of projects.

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