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Group Calendar

Track events or project tasks by client or department. Send reminders of upcoming meetings or deadlines. Combine separate calendars into a master calendar for the entire organization.

Keep everyone on schedule.
What is a Group Calendar?

A Group Calendar in Workzone is a calendar view of all ongoing projects and tasks. Instead of seeing a dashboard of projects, users can see projects displayed on calendar to get a better sense of timeline in a familiar calendar layout. A user can filter for specific workspaces or projects and drill down to each project from the calendar as well. Additionally, users can mark non-project events on the calendar that would be useful to see on a calendar such as team members’ vacations.

Why is a Group Calendar important?

The Workzone Group Calendar puts projects and tasks into a very familiar format so that managers and users can get a better sense of time around their work more than a project dashboard or Gantt Chart would.

Who uses a Group Calendar?

In different ways, all users benefit from looking at projects in the Group Calendar. Because a calendar gives great context to time, managers find it useful to plan and users find it useful to prepare work.

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