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Task Dependencies

In most projects, certain tasks cannot begin until other tasks are completed. Workzone lets you link dependent tasks so that the start date of one task is calculated automatically based on the end date of one or more previous tasks. If the date for a task moves, the dates for all tasks dependent on it will be shifted accordingly.

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What are Task Dependencies?

Task Dependencies are the rules between tasks that tell if a task can be started or not based on the completion of another. In layman’s terms, Task B cannot start until Task A is completed.

Why are Task Dependencies important?

Task Dependencies are important because most projects have a sequential step by step plan until completion. These rules allow for order within a project and set clear expectations on how long tasks take and who is responsible for doing them.

Who uses Task Dependencies?

Managers use task dependencies to ensure projects follow the correct order. Because of these logical steps, managers are able to use workload reports to plan out their team’s projects in advance.

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