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25 Top Enterprise Project Management Software Solutions for 2021

25 Top Enterprise Project Management Software Solutions for 2021

By Steve Pogue

Not all enterprise project management solutions are created equal. Some project management software works great for small teams, but will not scale for larger businesses and enterprises.

Even if they have most of the functions you need, they don’t have the scope for working with bigger teams and more projects. They’re just not built for it. You wouldn’t try to put out a forest fire with a water pistol after all.

With that in mind, here are 25 enterprise project management software solutions that can help even the biggest companies put out their fires and manage their projects more effectively.

Enterprise Project Management FAQs

Enterprise Project Management Pros
  • Perfect for large teams to coordinate across complex, multi-layered projects
  • Everyone uses the same software
  • Advanced features available only in more robust software like Enterprise solutions
Enterprise Project Management Cons
  • Expensive for many organizations
  • Usually not designed for teams under 100
  • Steep learning curve

#1 Enterprise Project Management Review: Workzone

“Couldn’t do my job without it. I love that I can find all of my projects quickly and can look up previous projects. I can find files I need to download and get notified when I have to make changes to a doc.”
Kelly Boesch, Graphic Design Specialist
Ardent Health Services

How Enterprise Project Management Compares

Compared against other top enterprise project management, Workzone ranks #1 across the board at leading software review sites Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp by user reviews.

Enterprise Project Management Comparison Chart
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Enterprise Project Management Solutions List

1. Workzone

Enterprise Project Management Software Workzone Project Dashboard

Workzone pairs the clean, intuitive design of software designed for smaller teams, like Trello and Asana, with the security and raw power of some of the other options on this list.

What’s great about this combination is that it allows you to continue using Workzone as your business grows larger and larger, without the hassle of having to move to a different platform.

Pricing: $24.00/user/month

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2. Microsoft Project

microsoft project screenshot for enterprise project management

MS Project is the grandfather of enterprise project management software. It’s been around longer than all the others and it’s still chugging along like a steam train in perfect repair. In terms of central document archiving, time tracking and resource allocation, it should be able to give you everything you need.

But, it won’t necessarily be easy to figure out how to get there, and it won’t be pretty doing it. Also, it doesn’t have some of the exciting features that newer programs have. If your company already uses Office 365 then it MS Project should fit right in with the rest of your software.

Pricing: $82.10/user/month

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3. Primavera

Oracle’s project management solution Primavera isn’t worth considering unless you’re working with multiple projects at once. Rather than project management, it’s focused on project portfolio management.

If that’s what you need then you’ll find all sorts of useful features to keep all your programs and projects running smoothly. The ability to add project expenses at the activity level and multiple project tracking.

But if your business isn’t quite operating at this level yet Primavera will be overkill. There’s no need to use a system that isn’t built for your needs when there are so many other options out there.

Pricing: From $2000/license

4. Clarizen

Clarizen is one of the most user friendly enterprise project management software options. But don’t let its ease of use fool you, it’s still packed with all the powerful tools you need like extensive planning features and state of the art security technology. Of course, all of this comes at a price, but if you can afford it, it’s worth the investment.

Pricing: Starting at $45/user/month

5. Liquid Planner

enterprise project management liquidplanner screenshot

If you need a program that allows for flexibility within each project, then look no further than Liquid Planner. Liquid Planner was build with adaptability in mind. Whenever you reprioritize the tasks in a project, or your available resources change, this software will automatically update the task and project completion dates across your whole portfolio. Another nifty feature is the integrated time and budget tracking, making it easy to keep on budget.

Pricing: $69/user/month

6. Workfront

enterprise project management workfront screenshot

Everyone on a team has a specific role. Workfront is designed to maximize the output from each role-player and in therefore get the most productivity possible out of your teams. With well-developed resource allocation features, Workfront makes it easy to balance team members’ workloads, dragging and dropping assignments from one to another.

Pricing: $30/user/month

7. Wrike

Wrike is one of the few project management solutions that manages to scale well from small teams to large businesses. It has all the enterprise features you’d expect: strong security, resource management, and budget tracking, but they don’t take away from the more basic task based project management tools like collaborative editing and calendar synchronization.

Pricing: $34.60/user/month

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Some enterprise project management solutions are particularly suited to certain industries. JIRA is specifically targeted towards software development but that doesn’t mean it’s rigidly designed to follow one work structure. There are over a thousand add-ons available for the software, making it almost infinitely customizable. JIRA also offers a feature called Data Center, for its enterprise users, which offers increased performance at scale and premier support among many other upgrades.

Pricing: $1500 per month for 2000 users

For more JIRA alternatives, check out this article.

9. VersionOne

VersionOne is another option targeted towards software developers, but it is even more specialized than JIRA, focusing solely on Agile development. This sort of specialization makes VersionOne an easy choice if you do fit into its target market, but if you don’t you’re going to want to pick another option from this list.

Pricing: $39/user/month

10. Smartsheet

If you like spreadsheets and are looking for a project management solution then you’ll love Smartsheet as it essentially mashes the two together. And since it’s built to scale, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of your average spreadsheet no matter how many people you’re managing. If that doesn’t sell you, perhaps the fact that it’s used by half of Fortune 500 companies will change your mind.

Pricing: $25/user/month

For a complete list of Smartsheet, check out this article.

11. Celoxis

Celoxis is available in seven different languages, making it extra appealing for organizations with team members scattered across the globe. It also manages to be one of the cheapest enterprise level project management solutions while still maintaining high standards of security, financial management, and collaboration.

Pricing: $25/user/month

12. Innotas

Innotas enterprise project management software

Innotas is all about the top down approach when it comes to project management, which makes it perfect when it comes to enterprise solutions. When you’re working at this scale you don’t always have the time to stay on top of every little detail, you have to look at the big picture. That’s why Innotas has a strong focus on the planning stages of projects, so that you can be sure each project is well thought through and worthy of your organization’s time and money before going ahead with it.

Pricing:  Available by quote

13. InMotionNow

While it can be used by any type of organization, InMotion is specifically designed to be used for creative projects. It offers all the standard enterprise functions but what you’re really going to it for is its built in file sharing and collaborative features. InMotion will make Google Docs a thing of the past for you, with @ mentioning, notifications, and superior mark up technology.

Pricing: Starting from $4500/year

14. Twproject

enterprise project management twproject

Twproject makes sure that everything is always just one click away. Their central document archiving is second to none, with files associated with specific projects and also completely searchable. In addition to their exceptional file sharing, Twproject also offers impressive time tracking options and a very nifty automated resource allocation feature that makes this a stand-out among enterprise project management software solutions.

Pricing: €12.89/user/month

15. Project Portfolio Office

project portfolio enterprise mangement software

Project Portfolio Office prides itself on its customer support, offering free, unlimited support to all users. They also focus on flexibility, giving users the choice between several preconfigured solutions, geared towards different industries, so the software is tailored to your needs right out of the box. And before you ask, yes all of their solutions are enterprise capable and have time tracking and resource allocation features you need.

Pricing: $1514-$2776.50/month

16. ]project-open[

project open enterprise management software

]project-open[ stands out from every other project management solution because it’s open source. This makes it the most flexible option out there as not only are there plenty of customized versions to choose from, you can also literally go into the code and edit the program yourself (as long as you having the programming chops that is). The only downside is that, like most open source software, it’s not particularly pretty to look at, focusing on features rather than design or user experience.

Pricing: €395/month

17. Sciforma

Sciforma is all enterprise all the time, so much so that it actually limits you to a minimum of 20 users. And just to make that clear, they define a user as ‘a project manager, portfolio manager and/or resources manager’, so most of your team members don’t count towards that number. That focus shows through in the features they provide, many of which have their eye on the big picture. We’re talking Capacity Planning, Investment Analysis, and Risk Management. And if those aren’t the features you’re looking for, as well as its out of the box option, Sciforma also provides tailored solutions, configured to your organization’s exact needs.

Pricing: Starting at $200/year

18. Targetprocess

While it’s not as powerful as some of the other options on this list, one thing that Targetprocess has going for it is that its focus on visual presentation makes it easy for any project manager to pick up, without the need for extensive training. Not only that but Targetprocess is extremely flexible, in its features, integrations, and especially its Service Desk which allows users to submit any ideas, requests, or problems they have with the service which be then be incorporated into the next version of the software.

Pricing: $20/user/month

19. TeamHeadquarters

TeamHeadquarters screenshot for enterprise project management

Sometimes what an organization needs is just straight forward project management software and this is where TeamHeadquarters delivers. It may not have any surprising features that you never knew you needed, but it doesn’t have any bad surprises waiting for you either. Its reliable, gets the job done, and you could do a lot worse for the price they’re asking.

Pricing: $20/user/month

20. Daptiv PPM

daptiv screenshot for enterprise project management

The most interesting feature offered by Daptiv is probably DeskDocs, which allows you to move any file to the DeskDocs folder on your computer from where it will automatically sync with Daptiv, allowing other users to comment on it or attach it to a specific project or task. But that’s just the beginning of what Daptiv has to offer. The software also includes pretty much every tracking, resource allocation, and portfolio management feature you can think of.

Pricing: $50/user/month

21. Planview Enterprise

planview enterprise project management software

There’s a reason this solution has Enterprise in its name. Planview Enterprise might be more focused on the big picture than any other software on this list. Enterprise project management is only part of it, we’re also talking Roadmapping, Capacity Planning, Investment Prioritization, and Process Automation.

Pricing: Available by quote

22. Huddle

Huddle emphasizes that their service is used by a wide range of government agencies. What that means for you is that their security is second to none and one thing enterprise project management tools need is great security. Seriously, if the Department of Defense is using it, I think you can trust that your files are safe. Huddle also makes it easy to collaborate with both co-workers and clients, even allowing you to customize the layout with branded log-in pages and workspaces.

Pricing: Starting at $20/user/month

23. does exactly what it says on the label. It offers a project management solution with all the normal features, but it’s completely web based. That means you won’t be downloading an app to your desktop (although there is one available for your phone). Instead, you can just log in to the website no matter what computer you’re using. The thing I find most impressive about is the amazing array of over 400 integrations they offer, including staples like Dropbox, Slack, and Evernote.

Pricing: $10-20/user/month

24. Kanzen

kanzen project management software

If you’re a fan of Trello but in need of something that scales up to the enterprise project management level, try Kanzen. It’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention. It uses the same Kanban board visualization style and manages to pack in a wide range of features without having them cluttering the display, allowing for a smooth user experience. And if you’re on a tight budget, Kanzen should be your first choice as it’s easily the cheapest option on this list.

Pricing: $6/user/month

25. EPM Live

EPM Live directly integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint and Outlook to offer a well-rounded enterprise project management tool. It doesn’t specialize in any one area. However, it provides quality service in all the facets you’re considering when looking for an enterprise project management solution: security, central document archiving, budget estimates, time tracking and resource allocation.

And if there’s any aspect in which you find the software lacking, there are many free extensions that allow you to customize the service.

Pricing: $30/user/month

Which enterprise project management software solution is right for you?

Will you go with an enterprise project management tool that is more intuitive and easy to use? Maybe raw power is at the top of your list? Maybe none of these software options are the answer? Check out other project management software alternatives here. Perhaps choosing one that blends both is the right path. It all depends on your organization’s needs. Thankfully, whatever those needs are, there’s an option here for you.

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Steve Pogue is the Marketing Operations Manager at Workzone. He writes about project management tips and the buying process. When not at Workzone, you can find him playing vintage base ball or relaxing with his family at home.