A Microsoft Project alternative your whole team can use

Workzone is a powerful, easy-to-use Microsoft Project alternative that can accommodate your entire team.

Keep the team organized

Get everyone on the same page, and not just the superusers in MS Project. Every user can set up projects and store files in one place


Improve collaboration

Stop the inbox overflow! With Workzone, you can consolidate your comments, notes and files in one place.

Project Collaboration

Personalize the to-do list

Everyone on your team will know what to do next and will be notified when the task passes to them. Task dependencies make the process go faster when everyone has access. No more guessing!

To Do Lists

Approve and review faster

Responsible parties will be notified of their next steps. You’ll expedite the approval process, inform everyone of the decision and de-clutter everyone’s inbox. You can also set permissions for certain users to access certain areas, or even offer permissions to clients, outside vendors, or other departments for their review.

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Measure and maximize your results

Workzone’s reporting dashboard makes it easy to see the progress of projects across workspaces and quickly identify where you need to make changes.

Workzone Reporting Dashboard

Automate repeated processes

Do you have several routine projects that you do on a regular basis? Project templates will help you save and create tasks for repeated processes. There’s no rebuilding from scratch. Your whole team can copy the steps from an old project or use a template.


Visualize project workflows easily

View your project schedules graphically across its timeline. Build and edit projects directly from Workzone’s interactive Gantt Charts and instantly visualize changes in realtime.

Gantt Chart

Unify team calendars

Know what everyone is working on. Combine separate team calendars into one. With Workzone, you’ll easily track projects, events and tasks by client or department.

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