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Microsoft Project Alternative, Perfected Through 10 Years of Real-World Use

Microsoft Project is much too complex for all but the most technical users. WorkZone is a simpler alternative to Microsoft Project that lets your entire team participate in the project management process. WorkZone provides powerful tools for keeping your projects on track, without the less-used features in MS Project that can make it so complex and hard-to-use. As a web-based tool, WorkZone lets multiple users (on PCs or Macs) work simultaneously on projects and sends email alerts when projects/tasks need attention.

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“ WorkZone helps us streamline the creative review process for more than 200 projects at a time across our 15 major brands. We now get more work done, more quickly, and everyone's on the same page. ”

- Donna Fox, Interactive Project Manager, Brown Shoe Company

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Project Management Dashboard Shows Where All Projects Stand

WorkZone makes it extremely easy to know what's going on with your projects in a single dashboard. In one glance you'll know which projects are behind, and why.

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Individual To-Do Lists Focus Each Person on What Needs to Get Done

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What should I be working on? WorkZone brings everything together across projects in a single, actionable list. The To-Do List helps keep each individual focused on what's most important.

Share Files Securely and Expedite Creative Review

Securely share your work online, giving each person access to just the appropriate files. Manage versions of files, mark up images, and use the simple approval workflow to get signoff on documents before moving forward.

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Microsoft Project (also known as “MS Project” or “MSP”) was originally developed in the mid-1980s to help engineers at Microsoft manage large numbers of complex software projects (see Wikipedia entry). Because its target audience is engineers and technically-oriented project managers, Microsoft Project provides a wide range of advanced features that make it quite complex and hard to use for simpler projects or by less-technical users. It requires an installed copy of Microsoft Project, and is only available on PCs, not Macs.

Microsoft Project server is a networked version of the software, but it is very complicated to install and maintain, and as a consequence, isn’t used by the vast majority of MSP users. As a result, all users are using unconnected versions of local files, which makes it easy for projects to get out-of-date as the MS Project files are circulated.

WorkZone project management software incorporates the most useful, commonly used features of Microsoft Project, but leaves out many of the advanced features that make it so complex to learn and use. Because it is cloud-based, WorkZone requires no software installation, accessible through any web browser, on PCs or Macs.

Not convinced that WorkZone can be a more user-friendly substitute for Microsoft Project? Download a Microsoft project demo trial and then schedule a WorkZone demo. The differences will be clear.