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Project Management Guide

Project Management Guide

By Steve Pogue

Curious about project management? We have the project management guide for you.

Being around for 20 years has given us a unique perspective in the market of project management software. No other software has the experience, nor the reputation of customer service excellence that Workzone has developed over the years.

Like in our project management buyer’s guide, we distilled the knowledge we’ve gained over the years into bite-sized chunks of information. The general purpose of this guide is to introduce you to key concepts in project management so you have a basic understanding of how to manage projects.

Here are a couple tips for navigating the guide:

  • Bookmark the project management glossary for when you come across unknown terms
  • Within each article, you will find a sidebar to help you jump from article to article
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Steve Pogue is the Marketing Operations Manager at Workzone. He writes about project management tips and the buying process. When not at Workzone, you can find him playing vintage base ball or relaxing with his family at home.