A powerful Basecamp alternative that is easy to use

Basecamp is a good solution for small teams managing simple projects, but for teams managing heavier workloads with interconnected tasks, Workzone is a perfect fit.

See all your projects at once

Basecamp only allows users to view one project at a time, which severely limits a project manager’s ability to manage. Catching delays before they wreck a deliverable is essential to a project manager’s success. Limited visibility is typical in lightweight project management tools like Basecamp. With Workzone’s all status view, managers can quickly report project status or prep for last minute meetings easily.


Keep everyone focused on their work.

A major difference between Workzone and Basecamp is the way individuals get their work assigned to them. Workzone provides daily to-do lists via email or a dashboard designed to keep the team working and keep their manager out of the weeds.

To Do Lists

Manage dependencies

The need for task dependencies is one of the classic signs that a team is outgrowing Basecamp. In fact, it is one of the most requested features we hear from our former Basecamp users. In most projects, certain tasks cannot begin until other tasks are completed. As projects become more complex and involve more people, the ability to link tasks and alert the next responsible party becomes an essential feature for project managers.

Gantt Chart

Identify items at risk and manage workload

When projects begin to grow in volume and complexity, it’s important to have a project management tool that makes it easy to allocate resources effectively across multiple departments. Without visibility into the workload of team members, some will have too much work and some too little.

Workzone makes it simple to see what tasks are on track or falling behind with status alerts. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts. Projects and phases slipping behind schedule are flagged with colorful caution symbols.

Project Status

Get dedicated help when you need it

Say goodbye to ticketing systems! You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides one-on-one training and support for you, your team, your bosses and even your clients.

Any time you or your team has a question, simply give us a call–you’ll be speaking with your Success Manager within seconds.

Keep documents secure, organized, and accessible

Imagine a world where you don’t need to email attachments back and forth because everyone already has the right version.

Workzone includes powerful and secure document management that enables you to control who views/edits documents and organizes comments by project, task, or file.

File Sharing
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