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10 Years of Real-World Use

Basecamp is a good solution for those just starting out or with simple projects. WorkZone is a better alternative to Basecamp for those needing to manage a large number of projects or whose projects need levels of detail beyond what Basecamp offers. Add subtasks and task dependencies to outline the way your projects actually work. WorkZone helps take project management to the next level, with more sophisticated tools than Basecamp, in an easy-to-use interface.

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“ WorkZone helps us streamline the creative review process for more than 200 projects at a time across our 15 major brands. We now get more work done, more quickly, and everyone's on the same page. ”

- Donna Fox, Interactive Project Manager, Brown Shoe Company

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Project Management Dashboard Shows Where All Projects Stand

WorkZone makes it extremely easy to know what's going on with your projects in a single dashboard. In one glance you'll know which projects are behind, and why.

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Individual To-Do Lists Focus Each Person on What Needs to Get Done

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What should I be working on? WorkZone brings everything together across projects in a single, actionable list. The To-Do List helps keep each individual focused on what's most important.

Share Files Securely and Expedite Creative Review

Securely share your work online, giving each person access to just the appropriate files. Manage versions of files, mark up images, and use the simple approval workflow to get signoff on documents before moving forward.

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Basecamp project management software is an excellent choice for teams just starting out with project management and who have projects that are very simple. WorkZone is a better Basecamp alternative for those with more sophisticated projects. With WorkZone, tasks can have subtasks and can be linked together in sequence using dependencies. WorkZone can also track the workload that has been assigned to each team member, to assist in allocating new work. Basecamp software does not have these more advanced features, nor do most other Basecamp alternatives. For document management and collaboration, WorkZone is also more powerful than Basecamp. WorkZone allows you to organize files into folders and subfolders; Basecamp has a single bucket of files per project. WorkZone has a simple approval workflow for documenting sign offs on files and an image markup tool for getting visual feedback on creative. See if your team would benefit from stepping up from Basecamp to WorkZone.