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46 Best Trello Alternatives For Your Project Management in 2024

46 Best Trello Alternatives For Your Project Management in 2024

By Diana Asbury

Is your board exploding in size? Do you dream about cards and you don’t even work for Hallmark? Getting frustrated with Trello?

It’s time to stack up those boards and go play elsewhere. Maybe you need fresh start with a similar tool or maybe it’s time to move to a full-fledged project management solution. If you like the look and visuals of Trello, but wish it had a few more features—try some of these Trello alternatives.

Trello Alternatives: Kanban Boards, Cards & Visual To-Do Lists

All this talk of boards, pinning and cards, it’s like we all want bulletin boards to hang our posters on again. But seriously, they are a fast way to grasp information and for top-level reminders. But sometimes cards lack the details, comments and subtasks that make or break a project.

If you’re a maniac for Kanban boards and won’t give up your cards no matter what hand you’re dealt, you’ll want to see these.

1. Brightpod

They call it “gracious” project management software.

Progress charts tells you the status of each project board and moveable cards are a bonus to re-arrange tasks.

See where each project stands in relation to its due date and know the next steps.

Pricing: $29/month to $199/month

2. Casual

casual project management alternative

Logic flow, lines and tiers will tell you which tasks are tied to each other.

It’s like a maze crossed with a word puzzle, but you’re getting stuff done.

3. Codecks

Inspired by games like Cards for Humanity and the like, projects are arranged in decks and tasks are “hands” that you’ve been “dealt” or assigned.

Just don’t gamble all your projects away.

4. dapulse

Need a fulfilling sense of accomplishment?

You can turn things green with dapulse. The more green, the more you get done.

It features a colorful layout that shows how your projects fit together and overlap. You can re-arrange the pieces to make them fit to your whims, or project plans that is.

Pricing: $25-$118/month for 5 users

5. Favro

Gamers or rather game developers, you may want to check out Favro.

It’s specifically built for technicl creatives—such as game developers, UX designers and software engineers. Their Kanban board stretches horizontally across to help you visualize what’s next in the product development cycle.

Pricing: $6.80-$12.75/month for 5 users

6. Kanban Tool

Advanced reporting and analytics really makes this tool stand out from the crowd. Cards, colors and swimlanes will show you how projects should advance and help you prioritize.

Pricing: $0-$9/user/month

7. Kanbanchi

Gmail and Google Docs users, this may be the visual board for you.

This free Kanban board tool is tailor made for G-suite businesses and users with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to maximize your work in Google Docs, Gmail and Google Sheets.

Pricing: Free to quoted

8. Kanbanize

Like to flip, massage and bear down into metrics?

Kanbanize has feature-rich analytics and reporting with a cumulative flow diagram, scatter plot chart, cycle time histogram, Monte Carlo predictions, cycle time heat-map, cycle time trends and more.

9. Leankit

leankit project management software alternative

This is one of the leading lean project management companies that emphasize optimization and eliminating waste.

Leankit has jumped to the top for their visualization boards, but also because their system scales easily.

Pricing: $19-$49/user/month

10. Nostromo

If you like a clean UX with lots of built-in shortcuts, then try Nostromo as something different than Trello. It includes an advanced user experience with innovative time tracking to plan, log and get an overview of hours. It’s also simple to turn cards into to-do lists.

Pricing: $10-$100/month

11. Nutcache

Well, that name makes me crack up a bit. This tool is the one for invoices and expense tracking that also includes a Kanban board. It’s available in 8 different languages, allowing you to interface more readily with international clients if needed. Time tracking also seems to be a major benefit along with their collaboration boards.

Pricing: $5-quoted/user/month

12. Pipefy

Want a CRM to go with your cards? Then Pipefy is for you. It’s a card and filtering system that also includes a document manager, email templates and online document storage. They also have a complete labeling and subtitle system for their cards.

Pricing: Free-$18/user/month

13. Planio

Are you a left-brain thinker? Or have very systematic processes?

Geared towards engineers, Planio has issue tracking, version control, help desk capabilities, wikis and chat capabilities.

Pricing: $25-$119/month

14. ProductPlan

Feeling stuck when charting a course?

You can avoid static product plans once you sign up for ProductPlan.

Product manages can create roadmaps and a team communication strategy to show project plans visually.

Pricing: $39/user

15. ProdPad

This tool takes the Kanban process to heart. Set up boards for current, near term or future, and then sort cards by colors, tabs and dates.

ProdPad gives visual cues to help teams stay organized and to alert your team to what’s most important.

Pricing: $90-2499/month

16. Swip

Lean, Lean, Lean. This product management strategy records tasks and gives your team actionable tips to help you stay onboard with the Lean strategy. It’s pretty basic workflow and product management without a lot of the advanced features.

Pricing: $1.99-$5.99/user/month

17. Taskworld

Taskworld’s website describes it as a way for “abstract ideas” to “become active tasks – and it feels good to check them off.” Combine that feeling with a visual task board and you’ve got a great option to check out.

Pricing: $8-$11.50/user/month


Software developers and programmers will want to dig into this.

VivifyScrum is an easy-to-use Scrum and Kanban visualization tool with Sprint, Product Backlog and Burndown charts built right in.

Pricing: Free-$8/user/month


Agile practitioners, listen up. This one is specifically built for you. Monitor your product backlog, prioritize functionality for each release and an issue tracker, that lets you report bugs via email.

Pricing: $0-$20/user/month

20. Zenkit

Zenkit is serious as a Trello alternative that it features a quick-start video to show you exactly how to import from Trello. Zenkit also gives you member-level, swimlanes for your Kanban board and time estimates for tasks or Sprints. They have free plans all the way up to enterprise level.

Pricing: $0-$29/user/month

Trello Alternatives: More Advanced Project Management Software Options

Oftentimes, a basic task manager is easy to get started with, but actually creates more complications in the long run. Those task managers like Trello may lack file sharing, comments or the high-level reports you need and cause you even more headaches.

These project management solutions offer more features to help you manage the more demanding projects.

Some of these Trello alternatives have visual boards or cards as part of their options, but not as the primary way they show information. Instead, they use task lists, project workspaces and task dependencies to show where each project stands. They also have API integration, budget estimates, time tracking and other must-have features.

If your teams max out several workplace applications to get projects finished, consider upgrading to one of these. Oftentimes, a basic task manager is easy to get started with, but actually creates more complications in the long run. If that sounds like you, check out these advanced Trello Alternatives.

1. Workzone

workzone project management

If you need a little bit more detail in reports and functionality but still want to have a system that everyone can use, then Workzone is the choice.

Workzone has more features than simple task managers like Trello, but isn’t bogged down with processes like more complex solutions. It also has visualization tools like interactive Gantt charts and Group Calendars for budget and resources.

You can also customize Workzone so it works for you, including creating separate project spaces for your clients, departments or other business units or utilizing project templates to create repetitive projects quickly. Custom project request forms will help you receive job requests in a simple and clear manner.

Workzone is simple enough for your whole team to use, but powerful enough to handle a more complex workload.

Try a step up from Trello

2. ClickUp

project management software alternative clickup

ClickUp allows all teams to collaborate in one beautiful platform that is completely customizable based on each project. You can also have multiple assignees to a project and see an activity dashboard to monitor what your other team members are working on. If you’re using Agile, you can viiew and filter all your tasks in an agile board —  while also being able to manage tasks in other views, too.

Pricing: Free – $5/user/month

3. Active Collab

project management software alternatives

You can view tasks as a timeline, kanban board, calendar or a list, giving some of the same features as Trello. But it offers time tracking, invoicing and more budget-centric tools than anything you can find with Trello.

Pricing: $25-$299/month

4. Asana

Asana has transformed itself from a task list to include a few more features like assigning tasks to teammates and fluid comments. It has a beautiful interface, but lacks a lot of the essential tools (like Gantt charts) that project managers are often looking for. Still, it’s a cut above Trello for project management.

Pricing: Free-$9.99/user/month


Take a glance at Assembla for an out-of-the-box Agile tool.

Assembla gives teams code reviews, repositories for Git and the ability to quickly commit. If that is speaking your language, then give Assembla a try.

Pricing: $7.50/user/month

6. Avaza

project management software alternative

Stuffed with too many emails?

Change them automatically into tasks with Avaza. They also employ a module system for project management, invoicing and time tracking that’s good for client work.

Pricing: $0-$39.95/user/month

7. Azendoo

Did somebody sneeze?

But seriously, the visual and editable dashboards in this are really dynamic, allowing you to track projects in a simple, no-frills way.

Pricing: $7.50-$14/user/month

8. Basecamp

This one is very familiar to most project managers, and it’s a great jump from Trello. Some of the interface will be familiar to Trello since they use visual cards to separate out teams and projects. Compared to a lot of other project management solutions, it lacks some key features.

Pricing: $99/month

9. Bolste

Talk a lot? Messaging and communication seem to be a big part of Bolste’s appeal, with a planner, messaging, editable docs and video chat as part of their offering.

It turns your to-do lists into a central communications hub.

Pricing: $30/month

10. Clarizen

clarizen project management software alternative

If you like to “assess” stuff, then Clarizen may be right for you. Designed for project managers, this tool gives teams insights across departments to “assess” risk, scope, size and estimates. It’s obviously difficult to do that in Trello.

Pricing: Quoted

11. Easy Projects

They’re hoping the name says it all. Get a high-level view of projects with the Activity Center, which shows the status of each project along with who’s responsible, time spent and more.

Pricing: $24/user/month

12. Flow

The sorting and searching features in this are on point. Teams can work together with prioritized to-do lists. A calendar overview gives managers and supervisors top-down project management.

Pricing: $19/user/month to quoted

13. Freedcamp Software

The name says it all. Their free tier is impressive with unlimited users and projects, but lacks subtasks and other integrations.

Pricing: Free

14. FunctionFox

Excellent for billing, especially those in advertising and creative teams. There’s a stopwatch feature which helps any employees who are charging for client hours or non-billable hours.

Pricing: $5 to $15/user/month

15. Glip

Integrate your tasks with messaging and video conferencing to create a one-stop shop for your communication needs. Often compared against Slack, Glip adds tasks and collaboration that Slack or Trello can’t do.

Pricing: Free-$10/user/month

16. LiquidPlanner

project management alternatives

Have difficulty scheduling your projects? Liquidplanner will automatically create schedules based on priority and time estimates. The best/worst case finish dates gives the whole team a view into where everything stands. Some of the reviews mention a lack of reporting options.

Pricing: $9.99-$69/user/month

17. Mavenlink

mavenlink project management software alternative

For those that obsess over the bottom line, this may be your answer. Tying your projects back to a direct ROI seems to be one of the highlights. You’ll always know how your funding is shaking out.

Pricing: $19-$39/user/month

18. ProWorkflow

asana alternative proworkflow

The selling points here are the nice dashboard for a snapshot of product statuses and the flexible timeline. It also has a helpful Contacts section for working vendors or contractors.

Pricing: $10-$30/user/month

19. Smartsheet

This one takes spreadsheets to the next level. It’s an Excel-like model, but can also incorporates Kanban boards or Gantt chart views. It may be difficult to set up and get your whole team going, especially if they already have an aversion to spreadsheets.

Pricing: $14-Quoted/user/month

20. Team.Do

team do project management

Contacts and lead management integrate within projects, giving you a CRM/PMS hybrid. That may help bridge the gap between your product and sales teams.

Pricing: $30-$110/month

21. Team Gantt

Drag and drop your projects onto a Gantt chart to see how they compare against one another and where they overlap. Most feature-rich project management tools offer Gantt chart capabilities within their tools, TeamGantt doubles down on it.

Pricing: $0-$14.95/user/month

22. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork offers a suite of productivity apps and one of those is project management. Get the job done by categories or projects and easily add and assign team members to cover the workload.

Pricing: $49-$249/month

23. Workamajig

This one is popular with ad agencies and creative teams. Automated timesheets help managers with creating project schedules, manage freelancers and track time.

Pricing: $32-$50/user/month

24. Workfront

workfront project management software alternative

Workfront has timesheet reporting, resource management and online proofing options. You can set different permission levels at multiple different role options if all projects do not need to be seen by the whole team.

Pricing: Quoted

25. Wrike

wrike project management software alternative

With Wrike, you can subdivide projects into tasks and create larger hierarchies to represent your business units or company departments. They have a nice dashboard to view projects in different categories, but it can sometimes be intimidating for the whole team to use.

Pricing: Free-$34.60/user/month


Wow, what a list! This will give you a ton of options to explore outside of Trello. It will also give you some parameters about what type of tool that you actually need–and if a basic task manager is getting the job done. Or you may need to move on to a simple, but powerful project management solution to organize your projects with less hassle.

Does your team need a powerful project management tool that the whole team can use? Workzone may be just the ticket…

Diana Asbury is the Head of Marketing at Workzone. In this blog, Diana writes about project management, leadership, and marketing. She believes life is more fun when you have a lot to look forward to – at Workzone she’s able to live out her planning dreams every day.