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WorkZone Calendars Ease the Scheduling Process

WorkZone Calendars Ease the Scheduling Process

By Product Team

Workzone’s cloud-based project management software provides a general purpose group calendar for each workspace that allows quick visibility of tasks, events, or approvals.

Once you’ve clicked on the calendar in the top navigation, you will see a monthly view. You can also look at this information by week or by day, depending upon how busy you are. The tasks from Project Tracker that you have made visible in the calendar appear on the day they are due. This way at a glance you can see all deadlines that are coming up over the next month. Mousing over any of the items on the calendar will provide you with details about this item. Document approvals also appear on the calendar, showing their due date. A mouse over here provides the approval status.

The third type of information are those events that have been added directly within the calendar. This can be done either by selecting the add event button in the upper left or by clicking on the center of the day. This option can be useful when you want to provide visibility to certain items that are not a part of your project plan, such as a meeting or if somebody is out of the office. Events can be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis with notifications that can be sent to certain users. Any all day events that span multiple days will also be visible.

At this moment, we in an all workspaces view, and therefore different colors display the different workspaces. You can easily navigate to an individual workspace, or you can use the filter to organize by project, responsible party, or category. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 610-275-9861. You can also reach us by email at