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WorkZone Favorites Makes Organization a Breeze

WorkZone Favorites Makes Organization a Breeze

By Product Team

We’re pleased to introduce a new feature in Workzone project management software called Favorites, a better and faster way to quickly navigate your most important folders, projects, and other items within Workzone. Let me show you how it works.

In the top navigation of Workzone you now see a link to favorites, and when I click on it I will now be presented with two columns. First, a list of items that I’ve already made of my Favorites. A second list is all of my items that I’ve recently reviewed. How do you create a favorite?

Well, it’s simple. Imagine that I come into this client ABC workspace, that I’m working in a particular folder. I’m going to navigate down to it, and when I do let’s imagine I want to save this particular view as a favorite so that I can return to it. I can come up and simply click on the star, the star will turn yellow telling me that I have now made this page as a favorite of Workzone, and I will see that favorite now listed here under client ABC.

To show you how it works, I am going to come back to the all workspaces view, where now returning to Favorites, all I need to do is have one click back to that folder. Any page in Workzone can be saved as a favorite. You’ll notice in this example I have saved a link to a resource allocation
view, a link to my timesheet, as well as other items like folders, individual files, particular views that I like in Project Tracker.

Should I wish to delete a Favorite, I can simply check the red box next to it here in the dropdown list, or if I return to that page checking the star once more will turn it from yellow to white telling me that I have no longer saved this as a Favorite.

Here in the recently viewed items, you’ll see documents, folders, and other tasks where you made comments or updates on recent links. Online collaboration tools such as this helps to get everyone working more efficiently. We hope you find the Favorites feature useful in Workzone. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.