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Document Manager Overview

Document Manager Overview

By Product Team

Document Manager provides a location for files to be organized, shared, and communicated around within each workspace.

Once you click on Document Manager in the top navigation, you see a listing of all workspaces you have access to. Selecting a workspace will bring you to the top level folder structure. Folders listed in gray are not client visible, where folders listed in yellow will allow client users to view and download the files within their client portal.

Screening rooms allow people outside of the normal working group to view documents and to provide feedback. Screening rooms stay open for a specific duration that you set. The Client Upload folder has special properties which allow client users to collaborate equally, uploading, editing and deleting anything in the folder. In all other folders, client users cannot upload, edit, or delete files.

The Partner section of Workzone project management software allows your business partners to load content into a workspace. Partner users will only have access to their specific partner folders.

Like all folders in Document Manager, you can choose whether client users have access to these folders. Once you’ve selected a top level folder, you can begin uploading and organizing. The toolbar here will allow you to manage your files and folders. Uploading a document can be done either by selecting upload document or by dragging and dropping a file from another location on your computer.

Once a file has been uploaded, you will find three options to the right. The first is the ability to add comments or view the details page for a file. The second allows you to email a link to other users, and the third allows you to edit the file name, permissions, or check the file out.

Once you enter the details page, you can begin communicating through comments. Your comments can be sent out via email notification in order to keep up communication surrounding a file. If you reply to one of these comment emails, your response will appear back in Workzone as a new comment.

We also have the opportunity to manage multiple versions of files and if your files need to have an approval process there is a request approval option where you can get the sign-off or approval from another user. If you are working with any standard image files, you can place comments directly onto a file via the Image Markup tool.

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