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What is a Workflow?

What is a Workflow?

By Product Team
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Words are often used without much thought to what they are actually referring to. “Workflow” is one of these words. While you may have a general idea of what a “workflow” describes, like many things, the details reveal a much grander picture.

Workflows can broadly be described as the sequence of events that a product or initiative goes through between its genesis and its completion. These events include product development, marketing strategy meetings, production, sales analysis, among many others. The sequence that these events take place in is very important. For example, you do not want to begin planning on how to market a product before you have thoroughly developed a plan envisioning what exactly the product will be. Establishing a workflow that integrates each step in creating a great product, in the proper order, helps to ensure that the final result will be close to what you envisioned at the start of the project.

Workflows need to constantly adapt in order to mold to changes in the working environment. Resources and personnel must be reevaluated regularly in order to ensure that the workflow chosen for your company matches the capabilities of your workforce. This ensures that your organization will be working at full capacity, and as efficiently as possible.

Workzone project management software can easily be implemented into a workflow to help centralize the work of several departments. For example, Gantt Charts allow your team to visualize the workload for upcoming weeks. This allows for better planning and more efficient use of time, and an overall cleaner workflow. For the creative departments in a company, image markups provide a central location for commentary on ongoing projects and art. Being able to see all the criticism and suggestions for an advertisement or art piece in one place saves a substantial amount of time during integral times in a project’s lifespan.

These are just several examples of how Workzone can streamline workflows across an entire company. A strong foundation is key to a successful business, and Workzone will help your company build a robust infrastructure for the future.