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Image Markup Centralizes Creative Efforts

Image Markup Centralizes Creative Efforts

By Product Team

We are pleased to introduce Image Markup as the newest feature within Workzone project management software. It’s a simple alternative to third-party tools like Adobe Acrobat. It allows you to mark up single and multi-page PDFs, as well as other image files like PNG, JPEG, and TIFFs.

Here’s how it works. Coming to add a comment for one of those files gives me a new choice to mark up the image, where I’m now brought to a page where I can add markup directly on top of the image file. I have a highlighting box that I can move and re-size as I choose to. I can leave a text comment. Once I’m finished, I can hit save. I do have the option of changing the highlighting box.

Notice here’s an example of where we’re marking up a two page PDF. Workzone immediately thumbnailed the first page. I would click here to add and load if I wanted to mark up the second page as well. Coming back to the first page, I see my markup. Coming to the second page, I could add additional notes if I chose to. When I’m finished, I can exit markup. You’ll notice that there’s now a link to go back to see the image with the markup. As always, I can open up the native file by clicking here. I’ll see that same link back to the image with markup from the full review.

We hope you find this new feature useful in Workzone. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.