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Project Requests Strengthen Workflows

Project Requests Strengthen Workflows

By Product Team

Hi everyone, it’s Pat with Workzone project management software. We’re excited to introduce Project Request as a new workload tool in Workzone. Many of you have suggested this as an enhancement to Workzone in the past. Project Request gives you a new way to interact with your clients by providing them a place to request work from you. Here’s a quick overview.

Project Request is found as a new tool in the top navigation of Workzone. You’ll only see it once it’s been turned on by an administrator. Clicking on Project Request will bring you to a summary of all of the active requests in this workspace

If I select an individual request, I’ll be brought to a details page where I’ll see the requester, their deadline, a description of their need, as well any attachments that have been made. We’re also giving you an area for comments, in case there’s a need to go back and forth.

Returning to the dashboard, I’ll show you how a client would make a new request for you. In requesting a new project, imagine that you have a salesperson requesting a new brochure. They would come to the new Project Request form, filling out a title, a due date, and a description of their need.

We also give you a place to upload files, where if there’s any detailed information, some specific attributes that you like to track. We recommend uploading those as a file in this way. After submitting the request, that new request would appear right here, listed out where you and your client would be able to see the status of all of those active requests.

Project Request was designed to be a tool that can either be used stand-alone in Workzone or tied directly to projects in Project Tracker. We hope you find Project Request to be a valuable addition to Workzone and, as always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks everyone.