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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

By Product Team
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If you are presently working in the marketing business, you have likely heard the term SEO thrown around in recent years. SEO stands for search engine optimization, referring to the practice of maximizing your company’s webpage’s rank on Google and other popular search engines. Understanding SEO and implementing it effectively is key in today’s business environment – and simple project management software like Workzone can help.

Running successful SEO for your company is dependent on identifying keywords that you would like to rank higher within Google. For example, if you are in the accounting industry you would want to be in the top five results when “accounting firm” is searched. An easy way to begin your firm’s ascent up Google’s ranks is by interspersing these keywords within your company’s website. Workzone can help you accomplish this through the use of group calendars. Group calendars centralize a marketing department’s efforts by providing an easy to access a calendar that is available to all employees. This allows keywords and SEO goals to be plotted ahead of time to ensure timely implementation of your marketing goals.

Another tool provided by Workzone suited for SEO related endeavors is email alerts. Email alerts send automated messages to employees whenever there is new information for them to review. Marketing managers can delegate particular tasks to employees and receive email alerts back detailing each respective assignment’s progress. Email alerts help to automate the menial aspects of the management process, allowing managers to focus on issues that require greater amounts of nuance.

Although SEO is a relatively new branch of the marketing spectrum, it is here to stay. Project management software such as Workzone will be there to help your firm establish and maintain it’s presence in the online world.