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Top 5 Ways to Successfully Run a Marketing Department

Top 5 Ways to Successfully Run a Marketing Department

By Kirstin Miller
Lifelog project :.
Lifelog project :. (Photo credit: jeanbaptisteparis)

In the past, wipe boards and conference rooms were a recipe for success. Today, office culture is much different. With most employees providing zero physical evidence of project completion, it has become difficult to monitor progress. However, there are many old school practices that can be used in conjunction with new technology to ensure productivity.

1. Project Organization

From getting everyone on the same topic to keeping tabs on content, a reliable and consistent method of organization is key to a successful marketing department.

Investing in marketing project management software, such as Microsoft Project, will streamline office organization. Cloud technology offers an extra edge by allowing projects to be accessed from almost any Internet capable device.

2. Regular Meetings

Whether the staff is in-office or comprised of telecommuters, gathering for a weekly discussion ensures that deadlines are being met and everyone is on the same page.

Cloud-based project management software makes it possible for every employee to have access to the same information. If meetings are done with Skype or telephone conferences, using cloud-based project management software will make meetings more efficient.

3. Collaboration

There are a few ways staff collaboration can be accomplished, but one of the most effective ways is by dividing staff members into groups. Projects can be tracked using cloud based project management software.

Microsoft Project will keep everyone in the loop by noting who made a revision and who was the last person to view the document. Instead of waiting for the next meeting to share the latest data, team members can access the information as soon as it becomes available. This means no more excuses.

4. Monitor Progress

Establishing deadlines for assignments and sticking to the timeline will prevent confusion over expectations. Marketing project management software is essential to tracking tasks, as a manager can easily check on the status of assignment at any time. Importing data can be time consuming, but Microsoft Project can tell a manager if the project has been started.

5. Share Goals

Create long term and short term goals to share with the staff. Incentivize achieving these goals by providing a payoff or reward for completion. By encouraging the staff to look beyond the immediate assignment and look toward future projects, the company will stay on track.

Marketing project management software benefits the employer and the employee. Both parties can see what has been accomplished and look toward what still needs to be done. Cloud based project management software has made it possible for staff to work remotely while sharing ideas and maintaining a team-focused atmosphere. Together, offices everywhere can achieve progress – even if the staff operates oceans apart.