The 12 Most Popular Project Management Articles of 2017

Josh Spilker

It’s the end of 2017.

For some, you’ve checked off a lot of project management or marketing goals, some of us see the warning signs about projects not being complete, and others of us are starting fresh with a new fiscal year.

It’s a good time to take stock of what’s been written and discussed in the project management space this year.

Below are some of the top articles and posts that we think you should be aware of. Here is the criteria we used to select these articles:

-Must be published between January 1 and November 30, 2017.

Popularity as measured by the number of shares. This is an unfair metric, but is also useful in gauging reach and seeing what articles resonate with others. Granted, we can’t read every article and what’s helpful to one person may not be to someone else. But we were able to find the median number of social shares using Ahrefs, one of the top search engine analytics tools.

-Contains actionable or helpful content with a longer shelf-life. Essentially, that means no press releases or news articles about brand-new features, company announcements or round-up articles like this one :)

1. 13 Project Management Terms You Should Know [Infographic]


Take a look at this very handy infographic on the big-picture project management terms that everyone should know. If you need something a bit informative, check out this deep-dive project management glossary.


2. 6 Trends of Project Management in 2017

Task Reports

An outline of big trends happening in project management right now, including machine learning, crowdsourcing, remorte work and more.


3. 3 Reasons Why You Should Go into Project Management


Considering if you should take the plunge into official project management certification? This article will give you some reasons to consider. For more on free project management training and certifications, this post will point you in the right direction.

10 Signs You Desperately Need a New Project Management Tool

4. 8 common project management mistakes — and how to avoid them


There’s always something you know you should be doing in a project, but can never remember. Great reminder!


5. 3 ways AI will change project management for the better


AI is so hot right now, so it’s only natural that it would appear in the project management space…even if it’s several years away. But this article will give you a quick look at the new opportunities that AI provides, and how it will change the role of project management.


6. Project Management For Humans

A List Apart

Why is project management like Tetris? This excerpt from a longer book will explain the ins and outs of project management and how to deal with humans in the process.


7. The Complete 16-Step Marketing Project Management Process That Will Get You Organized


This piece will be old hat for some project managers, but will be interesting to anyone involved in marketing projects, especially for content. With a solid process in place, you’ll want to automate the process and get up-to-date reports about how your projects are performing across the board.


8. Project Management For The Rest of Us

Gov Exec

If you’re just beginning in project management, this article helpfully lists out the challenges and roadblocks that you’ll see ahead.


9. How Millennials Are Changing Project Management

Tech Republic

Everyone knows that millennials are changing up the workplace (or at least everyone is assuming so). This is how that demo will impact project management–now and going forward.


10. Project Management: A Surefire Way to Kill Your Software Product

Tech Beacon

A catchy headline for sure. The article explains how your software projects can evolve and the role that project management plays in that.


11. How Project Management Provides Stability In An Unstable Business World


Can the lack of processes actually affect other parts of your business? Insightful piece examining how that could happen.


12. 5 Common Project Mistakes (And Fixes…With Food Analogies)


These are mistakes that everyone should be aware of before moving forward on any of their projects. If this article is helpful, you’ll probably like this one too.

Note: This article originally listed the top articles of 2017 through the halfway point of the year and has been updated to reflect all of 2017.