Marketing Strategy Tips From 13 Top Quora Writers and Experts

Marketing Strategy Tips From 13 Top Quora Writers and Experts

With marketing strategy, we don’t always get a chance to ask experts the exact questions that we want to know.

And because marketing  is always in flux, it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing strategies.

But there’s hope!

Many of the top marketing experts are on Quora and we can get our deep, burning marketing questions answered. Onward!

What’s One of The Five Most Important Things To Know About Marketing?

Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at AppSumo, formerly #4 at Mint & #30 at Facebook

The best marketing strategy is to create a great product.

All marketing strategies can only reach its full potential when the people are spreading the message voluntarily. A decade ago, it was called the word of mouth while in today’s digital world, it’s called viral content.

It’s true that there are tactics and tools we can implement and use to make something go viral but the core of the product or content that went viral is the same: they are share-worthy.

That said, to maximize your marketing effort, build great products that worth sharing. Having a great product makes marketing less about “selling” and more about educating your target audience and spreading the word.

Read Noah’s full answer on Quora to learn his four other important things to know.


Tom Goodwin, Writer for advertising for Adweek, AdAge, Guardian, Media Post and more

Everything in marketing does not change every 2/4/6/10 years.
The industry has this obsession that new technology changes everything. It does not. New Technology and the way that people behave are opportunities to explore and take advantage of, but they are more tactical that people first consider.

Everything is not totally different, it’s just people have short memories.

People think that product placement or branded content is “new”, Soap opera’s from the 1950’s are called such because they were commissioned by Soap makers.

Similarly, if the internet has changed EVERYTHING, then why are pretty much all forms of advertising online based on extracting traditional media and putting onto a computer screen, banner ads are basically print ads in smaller spaces, pre-rolls are tv ads that are shorter, website’s are based on the theory of brochure design. It’s all based on the principles of interrupting an eyeball.

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What are some of the most important things you’ve learned in marketing?

Caroline Zelonka, Advertising Writer and top Quora Writer

Be informative, be interesting, keep your message short and sweet, don’t shout. And always keep in mind the question, “what’s in it for them?” Them meaning the people to whom you are marketing.

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What should everyone know about how marketing works?

Daniel Buchuk, Marketing Strategy, Brand Management and Communications Expert

Most of your purchases are decided for you by a group of marketers in a room.

There are lots of marketing decisions carefully planned to trigger desire by appealing to our human senses. And it works.

…Imagine what we can do as marketers when pushing psychological buttons that appeal to customers psychological needs such as esteem, love, belonging and fulfillment. Read Daniel’s full answer on Quora.


How do I create a digital marketing strategy?

Roman Daneghyan, worked at Renderforest

How do you reach your goal? Here’s where you need to look up the strategies you were using before and either replace them, or add some new strategies to the list or work those strategies better. Here are some digital marketing strategies that might be helpful.

  • Develop a CTA. It was already proved that call-to-action do work. A good CTA should be attention grabbing and help lead a potential customer further into your marketing funnel.
  • Optimize your SEO to drive more traffic. Pay attention to you keywords, to the quality you provide, to you links.
  • Keep in mind your audience. Don’t just focus on a random or a large audience. Remember that you can’t please everyone. But as you target a certain audience you’ll have more luck.
  • Use social media. This is where people are more likely to see and recognize you.

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What special and not commonly known approach is successful in content marketing?

Neil Patel, Forbes Top 10 Marketer and NY Times Best Selling Author

Content marketing is not an easy strategy, not by any means.

But if you do it the right way, you will engage your base and develop trust quickly.

One of the best things you can do, something that seems obvious but is often left behind by excited companies jumping too quickly into content marketing, is remembering to put yourself in the position of your target market. Read Neil’s full answer on Quora.


What are some of the best known methods for B2B marketing and sales?

Josh Fechter, Growth Evangelist @AutopilotHQ | Advisor @Praxis | Mentor

Focus on creating content worth re-purposing.

Never write a blog post you wouldn’t include in a white paper. Never write a white paper you wouldn’t include in a book. Never write about a topic you wouldn’t give a speech on.

If you follow this pattern, then by writing twenty remarkable blog posts, you’ll have enough content for several white papers, a book, and your next conference speech.

By focusing on quality content, you better position yourself for many opportunities you may not immediately foresee.

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What are the best practices for nonprofit new media marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Investor and Best-Selling Author

I want to set the record straight: Nonprofit marketing is not different from for-profit marketing. Plain and simple.

The same rules you use for making a sale in any profit-seeking businesses apply in the nonprofit, fundraising, and awareness arenas. When it comes to communicating to an audience, whether it’s drawing on a Snapchat photo or captioning an Instagram video, the philosophy is the same for gaining the most attention for your brand. Whether you are running a nonprofit, a for-profit, or running to be the President of the United States, you need to understand where people’s attention is and storytell contextually to get the best results. Read Gary’s full answer on Quora.


What are some good B2B marketing tactics when you have a really dry/technical product?

Brooke Harper, Sales at TenFold

It’s time to do some reverse engineering. How did you find your current clients? What are they like in size, nature, industry, culture, etc? Collect as many data points and sit down with your team to figure out what is the shared need. Also list down who was the point of contact, gatekeepers, and decision-makers that were involved in the deals with your current customers. Segment your prospects according to those data points and craft similar sales approaches as you did with your current customers. Read Brooke’s full answer on Quora.

What do you really need to know about young consumers and brand loyalty when it comes to marketing?

Zsuzsa Kecsmar, CMO at Antavo

Socially wired, which means 2 things. One, they love to talk about both their negative and positive experiences with brands on their social networks and other channels. Two, if a product caught their attention on a social channel, like on Instagram, they want to buy it right away.

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What are the most important things that consumers expect from brands?

Dannielle Blumenthal, @drdannielle | @allthingsbrand

The consumer expects that you will act with basic adherence to a value code. You can’t go so far to deliver on the promise that you break your values. So for example, you should source the ingredients for the cookies from companies that (to the best of your knowledge) don’t abuse their workers.

What are the latest cost-effective viral marketing strategies?

Vincent Magaline, Head of Growth @QueueTech

Viral advocacy has and always will be the most effective growth engine for your product, brand or cause since it is based on word of mouth, authentic evangelism, and community activism.

There’s a lot of different ways to attack this, but without the right formula, most marketers trying to “go viral” end up launching another marketing campaign that doesn’t have what you would consider to be viral results.

Making something go viral isn’t all that easy, which is understandable because it requires a dynamic formula with both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

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Why do people attempt to create viral content, is the ROI really significant?

B.J. Mendelson is the author of Social Media Is Bullshit

Personally, I think the ROI is worth the time, effort, and money because if you do it right, you won’t spend a lot of money in the first place. People forget that most word of mouth marketing tactics / viral marketing tactics are free. Where there are costs is getting the infrastructure in place to help those things spread.

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What takeaways from these experts will use in your marketing strategy? What other questions do you have about marketing strategy?