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How to Market Your Marketing Agency

How to Market Your Marketing Agency

By Kirstin Miller


The primary task of a marketing agency is to build effective strategies around products or services offered by companies that approach them for doing so, in order to create awareness and increased sales for them.

Although it is great to work in an agency that allows you to let your creative juices flow and gives your imagination wings to promote others, it is also important that the said agency devises a strong strategy to market itself. This is crucial if the agency wants to stay afloat and thrive in the cut-throat industry.

So how does a marketing agency stay ahead of the curve? B2B marketing involves combining several diverse factors in its strategy. If marketing yourself successfully seems like one of the biggest challenges for your agency, we’re here to help with the following suggestions.

Create an Identity

Why would a company want to bond with you unless they know who you are and what you stand for? We’re talking about building your identity and positioning yourself as an agency that businesses choose to work with.

Create a brand. We’re talking identity, logo, message, the works. There will be a lot of ground to cover once you actually get down to doing it. Remember, it takes time to build a brand. Your messaging and logo make powerful statements that either attract or repel companies.

Every communication you make with a potential client should have substance and hold the promise that something big is about to happen. Repeat interactions should be viewed as opportunities to fulfil those promises and build your credibility.

Play with Big Ideas

ideaCompanies usually approach marketing agencies and expect them to churn out several big ideas instantly. They’re interested in knowing how they will translate the ideas into something more solid – a marketing plan, which encompasses strategies that connect their brand to their audiences directly or indirectly through various media.

Different consumers coming from various walks of life have different mindsets, which keep changing further. A customer may not have the same thought process that he did a month ago. His opinions about a product or a service may change when he reads others’ reviews of it. His level of engagement may be higher when using a smartphone than watching something on TV. His preferences are prone to change, thanks to the marketing messages he receives from various sources.

If your agency can come up with several big ideas and strategies that cover all these aspects, have the capability to implement these strategies, and be accountable for their creative output, then you can expect big success.

Work on Creating Search Engine Visibility

How many times have you found a product/service you need by looking it up on Google? If you’ve done it, chances are others are doing this too. Let’s face it, although there are many marketing agencies out there, when it comes to having skilled professionals and delivering quality work, the numbers are very few. The good marketing agencies will take away the biggest share of the pie.

Search engines throw up results based on a ranking system. That is why you find particular sites on top. Having a high search engine visibility (based on industry-related keywords and terms) is a form of public relations exercise as your name shows up consistently for relevant, and broad as well as specific industry terms. That means your brand name is associated with those terms, thereby creating a professional and competent image for your brand.

Understand the Criteria


When businesses decide to approach marketing agencies, they do so based on the parameters and the criteria in their mind. These criteria are, by and large, the same across companies. You need to anticipate and live up to them. Successful anticipation comes with considerable experience and keeping a close watch on industry trends.

Companies also pick marketing agencies with significant prior experience in dealing with other businesses similar to them. You would do well to keep such information available, which will establish that you have the necessary experience related to targeting the demographics that your prospective client is interested in. This should put you a level above your competition.

Differentiate Yourself

Your ability to make yourself stand out in a crowd will speak volumes of your capability to make your clients appear unique. You need to work on differentiating yourself from your competitors, give the potential clients a strong reason why they should pick you over them, and why you’re the best among the lot.

No company would want to hire an agency which gives the impression that they offer the same services and solutions as others. You need to let them know that you are original and one-of-a-kind, and that your approach to work does not involve selling old wine in a new bottle.

Why Marketing is Important

Not all businesses understand the importance of hiring a marketing agency. This is especially true of businesses with small budgets and turnovers.

Creating the need, and presenting concrete information about what your agency can offer such companies may help you get business from those that are undecided about hiring an agency.

Walk the Talk

Let the work you do speak volumes about the potential of your agency. If the marketing campaigns implemented by you in the past can demonstrate your ability to solve problems creatively, you will have little to prove by talking. Make use of such content to sell your agency, and to show the kind of promise you hold.


Promoting your marketing agency may seem like blowing your own trumpet and that’s exactly what it is. How you manage to do so in an ethical, professional, and memorable way is where your skills come into play. Using creative methodology and smartly deploying your resources should bring you marketing success.