Getting to Know Your Team’s Strengths: A Tutorial

Kirstin Miller
A chalkboard.
A chalkboard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Knowing yourself is just as important, if not more so, than knowing your competition. Only by analyzing your team’s own individual strengths and weaknesses will you be able to size up exactly where you fit into the marketplace, and how you can find your niche and be the best in your particular field. Too many companies jump into an industry without taking the time to figure out what goals they can and should be pursuing, which ought to be a function primarily of your team’s abilities.

So the first step then is analysis. Taking the time on the front side to figure out where you stand is far more valuable than getting a slight jump on the market, as you can waste precious time spinning your wheels once you get started. Invest in project management software so you can set up new workflows and analyze your current workflows. Whether or not your company has used web-based project management software in the past, it’s time to move to modern collaboration software to get your team on the same page.

Perhaps you’ve utilized Microsoft Project or similar programs in the past in order to set up some basic processes and manage your team’s assets for a given project or in their daily work loads. While this is an important stepping stone, unfortunately many companies are using MS Project when their sales volume really demands something more equipped to deal with their particular issues. Modern software such as Workzone, Smartsheet, or Basecamp can improve your capacity to manage bidding and shipping jobs exponentially.

As you utilize features like online document management and collaborative document editing, you’ll come to realize your team’s strengths are all the more valuable when teams can work together more effectively. Too many companies operate as a set of isolated hubs that rarely communicate or cooperate on important tasks and daily operations. Instead, once you know your team’s strengths, it will be time to forge ahead as a unit operating as one. Only then will you be able to become a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and take the marketplace by storm with your unstoppable team.