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Integrating A New Employee Into Your Company’s Culture

Integrating A New Employee Into Your Company’s Culture

By Jim Harkless

When looking at the key aspects of any company, the one element that is nearly impossible to define or quantify is the company’s culture.

What is a company culture?

Culture is an abstract summation of all your people, your values, your goals, visions, processes, and philosophy. Yet when a new employee is thrown into the mix, one of the first things he or she will notice is the culture. New workers can feel the intangible company culture in the air, they can see it in the work ethic of their peers, and they can see it crystallized in the behavior and dedication of the leadership team.

How do you bring new employees into your culture?

The first step is to make sure your current people already know and understand what your culture is and what it should be. If the professionals your new hire is working side by side with day in and day out do not have a full comprehension of your company’s culture and vision, how will they be able to impart this to others?

The second step is to ensure that you have the means in place to efficiently transmit and effectively communicate your culture and values to all your people, whether they’re all in one corporate office or spread out across the globe.

Where companies that are tightly connected and centered in one local region may find it relatively easy to share goals and core values among their key people, those with diversified business in multiple regions may find the task much more difficult.

How can I connect my team?

Whether you’re local or global, you’ll want to invest in modern online document management software. These helpful software solutions are often available standalone, though they are increasingly distributed alongside project management software. Where Microsoft Project revolutionized digital project management, newcomers such as Basecamp and Asana are turning the industry on its head with cloud-focused offerings. Microsoft Project alternatives can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal as you attempt to integrate new employees into your company’s carefully crafted culture.

But dumping MS Project and moving into the 21st century of project management isn’t going to get the job done by itself. It is up to you and your team to implement effective changes and practices based on the data these applications provide you with.

Culture is the intangible essence of your business, and the introduction of a new employee into your workflow can either help or hurt your process. Whether new hires bring bad habits and practices into the culture or are instead molded by the positive influences of their leaders and peers is entirely up to you.

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