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Changing Your Company’s Culture Efficiently and Effectively

Changing Your Company’s Culture Efficiently and Effectively

By Jim Harkless

Just as turning a massive cargo ship is no easy feat, changing your company’s culture is a mammoth task. Fighting against people’s long-held beliefs, values, habits, and visions is as difficult a battle as any you will face as a business leader, yet it is this fight that can decide the fate of a company for good or for ill.

Where there is no vision, workers will flounder and sink under the enormous weight laid upon their shoulders. But when a company goes out of its way to establish a healthy culture focused on solid, unshakable core values, no storm can break it.

Vision and values are the lifeblood of a business. Vision is where you’re headed, the long-term concrete plans detailing where you want to end up. Values are the engine that will drive you there, the core mechanism that keeps the machine running day in and day out.

If you lack either of these, you will never achieve greatness; furthermore, if your values and vision are weak, abstract, or fickle, they are just as useless as having none at all. Be bold and establish a firm guiding set of goals and characteristics for your company today.

Now we get to the nuts and bolts of what drives your company. If your company is job-driven, jumping from project to project in order to stay profitable, no amount of vision will save you from a lack of strong processes and workflows for your employees to follow.

Whether this is accomplished through traditional project management software like Microsoft Project or modern online collaboration software such as Basecamp, you must offer the tools and supplies your people need in order to live out the values you’ve created.

A major way to change a company’s existing culture is to invest in online document management, modern software that allows you to communicate where vision and values are being met–and where they are failing–from the beginning of a project to the very end of the cleanup phase.

While your existing tools such as MS Project may assist in some way with working through the ins and outs of your workers’ daily tasks, isolated software installs of the past cannot connect people effectively.

Only when you are able to communicate with your key people on a regular basis can you efficiently ingrain a sense of positive culture into your team, even when you’re spread out across different regions and countries. Simple project management software helps accomplish this.

Project management is a great tool for any business, but in the end if it’s not built on a strong foundation of values and vision, your people will not excel and your business will not succeed. Only by establish and communicating your goals to your team regularly can you begin to change your company’s culture for the better. It’s a battle worth fighting.

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