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Why Your Team Resists Change and How to Improve Productivity

Why Your Team Resists Change and How to Improve Productivity

By Steve Pogue

Why Your Team Resists Change and How to Improve Productivity Webinar originally recorded December 9, 2020

Looking for a project management software company that will actually help you adopt and maintain success…and the software is really good? Let’s talk.

Key timestamps

  • 9:08 – 70% of change management programs fail…WHAT!?
  • 21:39 – Addressing resistance within your team
  • 29:32 – Why top-performing teams have difficulty adapting to change

About the webinar


You’ve got a new idea that will improve the performance of your latest marketing campaign.

The problem: you need your team to make changes to their process. And they don’t seem too thrilled about it. Resistance is all too common. In fact, 38% of employees say they don’t agree with the change they are being asked to make.

Let’s overcome this together.

Director of Marketing, Diana Asbury, and Director of Sales, Glynnis Purcell at Workzone led an interactive and engaging 60-minute live discussion on:

  • Why do employees resist change, new ideas, and processes?
  • Three research-backed ways to address resistance to change
  • How you can utilize positive leadership styles to get your team on board from the start

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Attendee reactions

“I was just speaking with a colleague yesterday about organizational change and Slacked them during the webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great job!”

-Paige, Digital Marketing

“I’ve been having trouble with pushback from staff and finding different ways to approach them plus finding out that methods I’m using are correct was helpful.”

-Aly, Operations

Webinar transcript

Glynnis Purcell (00:06):
Welcome to today’s webinar, Why Your Team Resists Change and How to Improve Productivity? My name is Glynnis Purcell, and I’m the director of sales here at Workzone project management. And I’m joined here today by our speaker and Workzone’s director of marketing, Diana Asbury. And usually we call in from our headquarters located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but as most of you are probably doing, and we have been for the last few months, we are calling in from home.

We at Workzone are proud to be the project management software market leader in customer success and onboarding due to our unmatched Success & Support teams.

Steve Pogue is the Marketing Operations Manager at Workzone. He writes about project management tips and the buying process. When not at Workzone, you can find him playing vintage base ball or relaxing with his family at home.