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Why Project Management Software Beats Excel

Why Project Management Software Beats Excel

By Josh Spilker

Okay, you’ve about had it with Excel.

You love it for keeping track of your budgets and numbers, but projects? Tasks? And these reasons were the icing on the cake.

But…really, why is a project management software solution so great? Are there really that many great capabilities and features out there to make the jump?

Short answer: yes.

But, I know that’s not enough to convince you. Or your manager. Don’t worry, these reasons will.

7 Advantages of Project Management Software Over Excel

  1. See project statuses in real time

Those problems we mentioned before about tracking down the updated version of the plan in Excel? Gone. Using project management software, every member of the team has simultaneous access to the most recent project tasks, updates and timelines.

2. Everyone can update info.

Instead of a single project manager having to update everything in Excel, with project management software the responsible team member updates each project or task. This makes the process much more efficient, limits errors and reduces meetings.

3. Easily link tasks.

Project management software can automatically calculate the project schedule from the listed tasks, and even adjust for weekends and holidays. Try getting your whole team do that in Excel as project management! Some more advanced tools allow for linking of tasks that are sequential and interdependent, so that when one task is changed it automatically updates the other parts of the project.

4. Set access for different roles.

The best project management tools allow you to determine what each user can or can’t see. Excel can’t do that. Senior management may have access to data and views that are different from those seen by more junior team members. That way you can preserve high-level or sensitive info without creating yet another Excel doc.

5. Create personal to-do lists.

Team members play different roles on a project, something Excel doesn’t recognize. Project management tools can create personalized to-do lists for each team member, allowing them to focus on the work they need to get done without wading through everyone else’s tasks.

6. Get automatic alerts and notifications.

Excel requires users to remember to look at it and identify when there are issues that need attention. Instead project management software can automatically flag issues and notify users about next steps.

7. Generate better reports and views.

Advanced project management tools provide a variety of dashboards and views, for workload, time tracking, expense tracking and more that are critical for effective project management, but not available in Excel.

Be more productive and ditch Excel as your project management solution.

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