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Top 25 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

Top 25 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

By Copley Sutton

The information age is fueled by internet tutorials, tips, tricks and guides on almost any topic. Project management is no exception, and there’s tons you can learn and share by browsing project management blogs across the web.

It can be nearly impossible to sort through it all, which is why we’ve collected our favorite project management blogs and put them all in one place.

How can you actually use these blogs? This will be the place to go when you need an expert opinion on what to do next.

1. Workzone


Workzone’s blog is all about showing us how easy project management can and should be. They cater to all sorts of companies and industries by providing easy-to-use software for seamless project management.

What’s great about these blogs is they are extremely comprehensive. Your industry is unique, which means you need a unique set of tips and tools to manage your projects. Workzone will cover every aspect of your project needs in detail, making this blog one of the most inclusive resources available on the web.

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2. Pmtips

project management blogs

If you’re keen on “How To” blogs, then is for you. These blogs cover a range of Project management topics that are trending at the time. Interesting questions are answered; such as, “7 Questions To Ask About Your Project Scope” and staff related queries on how to find the right people for your team. is definitely an all-rounder that’s perfect for beginners and veterans in the project management game.

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3. Guerilla Project Management

Samad Aidane is the main contributor to this blog. It’s not only educational but also thought-provoking in its approach to explore better ways of enhancing the industry and dazzling clients. There are resources for those who want to take their careers to the next level, as well as articles for those starting on the ground floor. Samad will keep you glued to your screen with his reader-friendly blogs and interesting insights into how project management evolves. Stick with him and he’ll teach you a lot.

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4. Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

This blog provides practical solutions and easy-to-use templates to help you manage your projects more successfully. As well as that (and maybe more importantly) it’s a community trying to get work done in the real world, not the ideal situations that the textbooks describe. It’s inspiring, witty and full of helpful advice you won’t learn elsewhere.

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See great project management tutorials and watch them for quick information on how to perform everyday project management tasks.

The videos are collected in various series and each series is accompanied by a bunch of resources & blogs which act as a reference for what you need to accomplish. A great resource no matter what project management software you use.

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6. Capterra Project Management Blog

Capterra makes B2B software buying easier and offers reviews and insights for decision-making. Their dedicated project management blog has loads of great project management tips and info always told in a creative way. They also provide helpful comparisons to make your buying process simpler and easier.

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7. PM Basics

Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy offers helpful advice for those who want to delve into project management. You must sign in before you get access to the content, but this content is well worth it considering the out-of-the-box methods Dmitriy has in his arsenal.

His resources are predominantly for beginners, so if you’re starting out in project management this is the blog for you.

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8. Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton has lots of experience working as a project manager. Not only is he skilled in this profession, but he also has a whimsical approach to people in general.

Since publishing his book, The Asshole Survival Guide – How To Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt, Bob Sutton has been giving advice on the industry, and blogging about project management in general. Join him in the trenches if you’re having a rough time coping in this sometimes-brutal industry.

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9. The Tao of Project Management

If you’re looking for a focused approach to project management, you’ll love John Carroll’s blog. He has based these articles on his book, The Way of the Project Manager, and focuses on a Taoist approach to working in this ever-stressful industry. John’s book and blog have proven to be useful resources for hundreds of project managers, so take a deep breath and give his blogs a read.

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10. PMStudent

As the name suggests, PMStudent is a collection of fundamental project management resources for beginners. These articles are written by experienced people in the industry who wish they knew then what they know now. Unless you’re the type of person who likes to learn things the hard way, get the basics from this very helpful blog.

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11. Better Projects

For veteran project managers looking for detailed strategies, Better Projects goes deeper into some very effective strategies. The writer of this blog, Craig Brown, loves to experiment with different tactics. He then records his findings on his blog and shares his insights with those of us who are trying to enhance our projects.

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12. Finding Marbles

Finding Marbles is a trendsetter in the world of project management. Not only does Corinna Bauldauf and contributors have the experience to teach you, but they are continually coming up with new, catchy terms to define realities in the industry. Finding Marbles has set out to make project management simpler and faster, creating a generation of project managers who not only meet their clients’ expectations but exceed them! With a collection of quotes and tons of advice that’s actionable, this blog should be on top of your list.

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13. Project Accelerator News

A blog that contains a combination of news and advice is Project Accelerator News. These stories are about project management events that take place around the world. The blog is UK based and there are two main contributors, Adam Morrell and Paul Naybour, who regularly post. These posts will teach you a lot about project management because real life situations are used and analyzed. Furthermore, the advice given isn’t simply hearsay or research. It’s based on experience and historical facts.

14. The Digital Project Manager

The titles are catchy and the images paint a thousand words. The entire site is dedicated blogging, so you have hundreds of relevant blogs at your disposal—most of which are still as relevant today as they were when they were written. Learn all you need to know about project management software, how to manage an agency and how to kickstart your project from scratch.

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15. Tyner Blain

Launching a new product? Tyner Blain is a leading expert in making sure your product launch is a success. His in-depth blogs are a mixture of case studies, real life events, statistics and experience. Tyner has a lot to say about how to manage a project that involves a new product, and how to maintain the marketing potential of that product once it’s launched. It’s like having an expert on call 24/7—for free!

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16. Projects at Work

Several experts have collaborated to make this blog a hugely successful hub of resources. The advice given here is extremely practical and comes from experts who understand the steps needed to perform certain project management tasks. If there’s a part of your project you’re not sure how to manage, this blog will probably contain the answer. Contributors include Kathleen Ryan O’Connor, Bart Gerardi, Keith Duncan and many more.

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17. Ron Rosenhead

With 15 years of experience, Ron Rosenhead has proven himself as one of the leaders in project management. After overcoming many challenges in the industry, he now provides much needed advice to those in the industry who are eager to learn. Not only has Ron worked as a project manager for a decade and a half, but he also actively trains up young project managers as an active coach.

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18. Project Management Hu

Another project management software guru is The blog is mainly directed at veteran project managers who need software advice on how to do certain tasks. Your clients will expect you to know how to create reports, how to manage workers and how to plan the budget of a project. This blog gives you all that information, as well as some extras like leadership tips and software reviews.

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19. How to Manage a Camel

If you like the name, wait till you read the blog. This site covers all aspects of project management, from the basics all the way down to the complicated details. Looking for software advice for managing projects? You’ll find it here. Event news for project managers? Also here. How To Manage A Camel is all about relevant, trending PM concepts that will keep you at the top of your game.

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20. This Digital Adventure

The technological aspects of project management form an important part of the industry. This blog focuses on technology while keeping you up to date with new trends in project management apps & software. This digital adventure is a must read for all project managers who are serious about their success. It’s a unique mix of resources, so don’t neglect to bookmark this one.

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21. Project Bliss

No project runs 100% smoothly, but you can get closer to that goal with this collection of blogs. This site is all about building your confidence as a project manager and giving you the tools & tips you need to grow your client base and your experience. It’s mostly a guide for beginners, but there’s no reason you can’t benefit from this advice if you’ve been in the industry for a long time.

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22. Project Management Hacks

If you’ve ever searched for some project management shortcuts, this site probably popped up close to the top. It’s a collection of blogs that make project management look easy. This advice is quite generic, which is why you can navigate to it whenever you’re feeling professionally low and get something out of it. It’s highly inspirational and simultaneously practical. No matter what your project, these articles will speak volumes to the situation you’re in.

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23. Brad Egeland

The blogs written by Brad Egeland have been drawn from his own experiences as a project manager. These articles are very insightful because they give practical solutions to real-life problems—the kind of problems you will face as a project manager.

Brad also includes videos in some of his blogs. He hosts them himself and teaches us a lot about what to do in certain situations. For troubleshooting project management challenges, this blog is a winner. Brad has also been a contributor to the Workzone blog.

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24. The Lazy Project Manager

Peter Taylor writes about project management and life topics in an accessible way. His insights contain strategy blended with an everyday pragmatism and approachable metaphors that boils down the most complex topics to something that’s easier to grasp. Peter has written a few books to go deeper into project management and leadership topics.

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25. Mike Cohn at Mountain Goat Software

Mike Cohn has divided his blogs into several helpful categories. One of those categories is something he is quite passionate about: user stories. It’s a marketing tool that’s proven to be incredibly successful, and Mike is happy to show you how to do it like a pro! Other categories include; team management, product backlogs, scrummaster topics and scrum team blogs. Mike also delves into project management software and how it can work to make your tasks easier. A highly resourceful blog for beginner and veteran PMs.

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What are you waiting for?

Do it now–create a folder in your bookmarks bar and collect all of these project management blogs. As a project manager, you’ll grow your career and achieve customer success by following the advice of these experts. Videos, articles, interviews, Q&As and even slides; what more could you possibly want. It’s all here, you just need to grab it and make it your own.