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Lay Down the Law with WorkZone

Lay Down the Law with WorkZone

By Product Team
Tralee Courthouse
Tralee Courthouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keeping track of projects is difficult. For most of us, all at risk is retaining a business client. Other industries deal in more weighty subject matter – law firms for example. Running a successful law firm necessitates keeping track of a large variety of clients; each of whose casework is complicated and weighed down by details essential for a smooth trial. Manually operated management systems can perform this task passably, but web-based project management software such as Workzone goes above and beyond to track clients and ensure their needs are met.

Law firms typically organize casework by the lawyers and clerks handling it. Doing this via paperwork is cumbersome, but the centralized communication provided by Workzone makes it a cinch. Workzone allows projects or casework to be divided into different “buckets” that include tools such as status alerts, task dependencies, and file sharing; all well suited for increasing efficiency and keeping track of valuable documents.

Status alerts provide automated updates for tasks that are falling behind schedule, and warns you ahead of time via email. This becomes important by allowing your team to focus its efforts on what is truly necessary to get the job done. Going along with this tool are Workzone’s task dependencies. Unfortunately, some work will occasionally fall behind. Workzone won’t require you to reschedule future tasks that rely on the late work however, by automatically shifting future deadlines based on the delay. This saves important time in the scheduling process that can be better used for more delicate matters.

All of these services would be toothless if they weren’t also integrated with document management services. Thankfully, Workzone is. Workzone allows for simple drag and drop file sharing among users. Every version of a file is saved, making backup simple and laborious searches through your email a thing of the past. Files are secured using 256-bit SSL encryption, much more than the standard email attachment. Sensitive documents are preserved, and work can continue unobstructed.

Providing the highest quality services to your clients is important for a law firm – Workzone feels similarly about its own customers. Save more time during your workday and apply it to what really matters.