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How To Create a Daily Habit with Workzone

How To Create a Daily Habit with Workzone

By Josh Spilker

We have habits that we don’t even consider as habits, such as taking vitamins or doing the dishes or checking certain websites everyday.

And what do you do at work everyday? Grab coffee when you first arrive? Get a snack around 10:30? Stop by a certain coworker’s desk to chat?

Workzone can be built into your daily routine as well. In fact, that’s something we suggest :).

The great thing about Workzone is that even though it’s a team collaboration and project management tool, it’s also built for individuals. Yes, for you.

The Workzone To-Do List Gives Everyone Their Next Action Items

Specific, individual to-do lists are automatically created for everyone on your team. This list crosses projects and workspaces. Each person can know exactly what needs to be done next. It’s a good habit to sign in everyday and see the work.

You can get into Workzone quickly to see what’s next and then actually focus on the work that you need to get done.

The To-Do List Keeps Projects Efficient

With Workzone, you can efficiently interact with your work. See the status of and due dates of every task, and see what is dependent on you or other team members to finish the work.

By checking the to-do list, you’ll keep the ball rolling on the projects. It’s important for every user to routinely update their tasks so the next person knows what work needs to be done.

How can you create a daily habit for Workzone?

These quick tips will show you how to improve how you use Workzone and show why Workzone is such a simple and powerful tool.

Step 1: Customize your Welcome Page

When you sign into Workzone, see exactly what you want to see. There are several different options for you to customize your Welcome Page.

You’ll have several options to choose from: your personal to-do list, project to-do list or even documents. The page you select will now be the first page you’ll land on whenever you sign in!

Pro tip: Executives or managers can see a bird’s eye view of everything going on by choosing the status by project report.

Step 2: Set Auto Notifications

Need a reminder? You can get your to-do list straight to your inbox everyday. Workzone gives you simple alerts to remind you of where each project stands and to get reports.

To make your notifications count, choose your own frequency such as only certain days or weekdays. This keeps the info fresh and will remind you of your tasks on your own time.

Step 3: Create Filters in the Task List

If you have a ton of projects in your workspace (and many of our customers do!), you can quickly hone in with filters. Filters in Workzone are a key way to find the info that you want. You can use filters to:

  • Set date range
  • Check task statuses
  • See the project status
  • Create filters across workspaces

Step 4: Go For Your Favorites

Do you have projects or tasks that you need to visit frequently? The best option to quickly access these is to favorite them.

Favorite a project, task or filter. With filtered views, there’s no need to constantly re-apply filters each time you use Workzone. Favorite reports to quickly access the reports you frequently read. This is one of the hidden gems of Workzone that are underutilized but can help improve your workflow.

Step 5: Getting The Most Out of The To-Do List

One of the most favorited pages in the Workzone system is the personal To-Do List.


The To-Do List allows any user to see exactly what’s on their plate and quickly interact with the task. It shows exactly what’s assigned to you. The list defaults to one week, but can expand up to 30 days ahead or shorten down to 1 day.

In personal to-do lists, remember to always check the dependencies.

Red shading shows that the dependent task is late. Green means that the predecessor task is completed and that it’s ready to begin.

With the to-do list, you can see the work that’s upcoming and mark the work that’s been done or add a note.

Step 6: Check Work and Reports Regularly

If you’re a manager overseeing lots of projects, one daily habit that you’ll want to do is to check reports regularly.

With Workzone, you can see which projects are on-time and which ones need attention in a few different ways.

To find the most visual reports, check out the Dashboard:

Click Reports in the top navigation bar.

In the left menu under General, and select Dashboard. You’ll get a visual representation of reports such as Active Tasks by Status and Active Projects by Status.

Drill down into the reports but clicking on the charts to bring you to the actual report generating the chart.

How Will You Use Workzone Every Day?

Workzone is one of the most powerful project management software solutions on the market, combining simplicity with the power that you need to get your best work finished. When you use Workzone regularly, your whole team is on the same page and you’ll see forward momentum with your projects.

Interested in managing your projects more effectively? Schedule your free demo.