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21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017

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Slack is a wildly popular, award-winning messaging and collaboration app that serves teams as a modern alternative to email in the workplace.

And you’ve probably already heard of it. Maybe you’ve even used it.

Well, if it’s so great—you’re probably wondering—why bother looking for alternatives?

It could be that Slack just isn’t in the budget for your team. Or it could be that Slack has a few functionality gaps that—because of the type of work you and your team do—you just can’t overlook.

Whatever your reason, try testing out a few of these free and affordable top Slack alternatives before tying your team down to the most popular, most obvious choice in the collaboration space.

1. Google Hangouts

21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017

While the Google Hangouts platform is focused on video messaging, it’s also got plenty of instant messaging capability as well. It’s especially handy if your company already works heavily in Google Drive and Docs because it’s easy to integrate with other Google Apps. You can also integrate ZenDesk, UberConference, or HipChat.

Pricing: $5/user/month


2. Azendoo

21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017
Azendoo does lots of other stuff, but you’ll probably spend most of your time here on the messaging tab. Taken from azendoo.com.

Besides being wonderfully appealing to look at, Azendoo has some other great features that make it a fair contender to Slack.

Azendoo acknowledged Slack’s problem of being clutter-prone by creating a discussions center that organizes messages according to topic.

With Azendoo, you’ll also be able to share tasks, calendars, and documents.

Pricing: $9/user/month or $90/user/year


3. Bitrix 24

21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017
In Bitrix 24, your Activity Stream includes not only messages, but tasks, meeting notes, scheduled calls, and email integration. From the bitrix24.com.

Though Bitrix 24 offers plenty of paid plan options ranging from $39 to $199 a month, make no mistake—their free plan stands alone as a worthy competitor to Slack.

Free screen sharing, unlimited search history, and free video chat are all features that set Bitrix 24 apart from Slack.

Pricing: Free plan, Plus plan for $39/month, Standard for $99/month, Professional for $199/month


4. Cisco Spark

21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017
This one’s a beaut on desktop AND mobile. Taken from ciscospark.com.

Cisco Spark is a bit different from Slack in that, while Slack focuses mostly on messaging, Cisco Spark has the bigger picture in mind and focuses on collaboration as a whole. Cisco Spark takes communication to the next level with video chat, a feature Slack hasn’t quite mastered yet. (At least not for free!)

Pricing: Free plan, Plus plan for $12/user/month


5. eXo Platform

21 Top Slack Alternatives in 2017
This one’s what you’re looking for if you need a much more extensive solution than Slack. Taken from exoplatform.com.

When it comes to the best Slack alternatives, eXo Platform is the bigger, more expensive guy on the block.

That’s because—besides being a messaging app—it also boasts all-in-one reference system that includes document sharing, forums, project and task management, and wikis.

Pricing: Starts at $2,400 for 25 users


6. Fleep

Fleep is a top slack alternative in 2017
Fleep boasts a “user-centric” perspective, which means it focuses more on communicating with people across multiple teams rather than just within a single team. From fleep.io.

Fleep’s a great alternative for people who work more across organizational units than within any single department. You can even use its messaging feature to communicate with people outside the Fleep system.

Pricing: Free plan, Premium plan for €1/user/month


7. Fuze

Fuze is a top slack alternative in 2017.
Fuze excels at modern messaging by combining chat, audio, and video messaging—all in one app. Taken from fuze.com.

When it comes to full-fledged collaboration, Fuze checks all the boxes. It also boasts app integration for Box, Microsoft Outlook and Lync, Google Calendars, and more. It easily makes our list as one of the top alternatives to Slack.

Pricing: Free plan, Pro plan for $20/user/month, Premium plan for $40/user/month


8. Glip

Glip is a top slack alternative in 2017.
Glip’s not just for messaging. Share and edit your team’s tasks, all in one place. Taken from glip.com.

Glip is a competitively-priced all-in-one app that handles to do lists, calendars, files, notes, video calling, and—of course—messaging, in a single place.

Pricing: Free plan, Basic plan for $5/person/month, Pro plan for $10/person/month


9. HipChat

Hipchat is a top slack alternative in 2017
HipChat’s separate chat rooms keep discussions organized. Taken from hipchat.com.

If you’ve ever used Slack, you know there’s a fair number of bugs and the occasional downtime, both which can hinder you and your team’s productivity.

HipChat boasts better reliability and even integrates with all your other Atlassian apps.

Pricing: Free plan, Plus plan for $2/user/month


10. Jabber

Jabber is a top slack alternative in 2017
Jabber’s interface isn’t anything too pretty or fancy, but it’s more than reliable enough for bigger enterprises. From gblogs.cisco.com.

Jabber, a Cisco product, has all your basic messaging needs covered. Powerful video conferencing capability makes it reliable in big companies that count on video chatting to communicate across their organization.

You’ll probably mostly use it for instant messaging, but you can also hold video conferences, send audio or voice messages, and share your screen.

Pricing: Business Essentials plan for $149/month, Business Flex plan for $299/month, Business Prime plan for $349/month


11. Jostle

Jostle is a top slack alternative in 2017
Jostle recognized that a communication system in which only half the organization engages makes the system less effective. So they made their interface a lovely thing to look at and a breeze to use. From jostle.me.

Like Fleep, Jostle is another great Slack alternative for those who work more across organizational units rather in departmental teams. At Jostle, user engagement is the #1 priority, so you’ll probably find this particular app easy to use and particularly easy on the eyes.

Pricing: Starts at $8/user/month

12. Kaleo

Kaleo is a top slack alternative in 2017
Kaleo’s dashboard is knowledge-focused and works great for companies who live and breathe data. From kaleosoftware.com.

Kaleo is basically knowledge management software with some killer messaging capabilities built in.

Its predictive knowledge sharing focus makes it smoother than ever for employees to find the info they need as fast as possible.

Pricing: Starts at $8/user/month


13. Let’s Chat

Let's Chat is a top Slack alternative in 2017
Let’s Chat organizes your different conversation topics into Rooms. (And in a quite visually-pleasing way, if we do say so ourselves.) From sdelements.github.io/lets-chat/.

Let’s Chat, a self-hosted chat system for small teams, is easy to install and self-host. They even have a nifty demo site you can play around with before you commit.

Pricing: 100% free

14. Mattermost

Mattermost is a top slack alternative in 2017
Discussion topics are organized into Channels on the Mattermost dashboard. From mattermost.org.

Mattermost is another open-source alternative to Slack that you can customize completely based on your company’s needs.

One way Mattermost is better than Slack is that it offers threaded discussions, a highly-coveted feature available in this app completely for free.

Pricing: Team Edition plan is free, Enterprise E10 plan for $20/user/year, Enterprise E20 available at custom pricing.


15. Moxtra

Moxtra is a top slack alternative in 2017
Moxtra’s interface mocks a real-life paper system using pages, binders, and shelves. From moxtra.com.

Moxtra isn’t just about communication—they’re all about efficient collaboration. They’ve got a bit more functionality than Slack when it comes screen sharing, document collaboration, and conference capabilities.

Pricing: Free, then starting at $12/user/month

16. Rocket.Chat

Rocketchat is a top slack alternative in 2017
Channels and hashtags keep team discussions organized. Taken from rocket.chat.

Rocket.Chat is open source, which means—in combination with their theming and branding options—you have the power to make entirely your own.

It has lots of features Slack just doesn’t have, like video conference, help desk chat for your site, and voice messages.

Pricing: 100% free


17. Ryver

Ryver is a top Slack alternative in 2017
Ryver does everything email does—except way better—and much, much more. From ryver.com.

What if you like the free aspect of Rocket.Chat, but don’t have the knowledge or desire to use its open source platform? Then Ryver might be the app for you.

No ads, no limits on integrations, and no limits on chats or data make Ryver an incredibly impressive free option for team collaboration—arguably one of the best Slack alternatives.

Pricing: 100% free


18. Samepage

Samepage is a top Slack alternative in 2017
Integrate Dropbox with Samepage to make file sharing even smoother. From samepage.io.

Samepage—for when you literally want your team all on the same page.

Pages are the building block of Samepage, a way to create a home base for a meeting or project in which you can comment, share files, create to-do lists, and invite collaborators. Oh—and you can also chat in it, of course.

Pricing: Free plan, Pro plan for $10/user/month or $100/user/year

19. Skype

Here’s Skype’s messaging window—but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, right? Have you considered using it at work, too? Taken from itunes.apple.com.

You can share your screen, audio, and video with Skype, features you just don’t get with Slack. And with Skype, you’ll enjoy a notification system that works much more smoothly.

You can also communicate with people outside of your company with Skype, something you can’t yet do with Slack.

Pricing: 100% free


20. Team Tracker App

Team-Tracker-App is a top Slack alternative in 2017
With Team Tracker App, you can see what teammates are nearby when you’re out in the field away from the office. From teamtrackerapp.com.

If you and your teammates spend more time out in the field than you do in the office, mobile-based Team Tracker App might be the smart choice for you.

You can still use it on your desktop in what’s called “deep dive” mode, but there’s no mistaking that developers had on-the-go users in mind when designing this particular alternative to Slack.

Pricing: $3/user/month or $2.50/user/year


21. Yammer

Yammer is a top slack alternative in 2017
Yammer’s interface looks pretty much like a private Facebook feed just for you and your team. From products.office.com.

Run Microsoft Office on your work computers? It’s super easy to integrate all your current apps to Yammer since it too is now a Microsoft product. Yammer Groups make it easy to organize your teams discussions, files, and updates on a particular topic.

Pricing: Free for educational organizations, Enterprise Standard plan for $3/user/month, Business plan for $5/user/month


Which Tool Will Be Your Team’s Next Favorite Thing?

There you have it—21 of the best free and affordable top Slack alternatives, many with trial versions that you can test out before you ever spend a dime.

Which will you test first? Which will you choose?

Or do you and your team already use and love one of these top Slack alternatives?

Or can you just not bring you and your team to part ways with the all-powerful Slack? Let us know in the comments below!

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