Project Management Software ROI Calculator

The decision to implement project management software is an important one. While you and your team may be experiencing pain in managing your projects through manual methods or tools not intended for that purpose, how do you know that investing in project management software will be worth the effort and additional expense?

This calculator is intended to help you determine if a tool makes sense for your organization by estimating the potential return on investment for using Workzone project management software. Enter the details about your team, and the tool will project your potential return, based on best practice estimates.

Number of team members
Average annual salary for team members
Number of managers
Average annual salary for managers
Total time saved by team members per year
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Total time saved by managers per year
Total time saved per year
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Value of time saved per year
License cost per year (all users)
Total savings per year
Return on investment (ROI)
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The following assumptions are based on the feedback and best practices provided by WorkZone customers.

Collaboration time saved by team members: 10 minutes (1/6 hour) per day

Project Management time saved by managers: 20 minutes (1/3 hour) per day

Number of work days per year: 230

Total time saved by team members per year: Number of Team Members * Hours saved per day * Number of Working Days

Total time saved by managers per year: Number of Managers * Hours saved per day * Number of Working Days

Annual cost of WorkZone license: (Number of Team Members + Number of Managers) * $300

Total Savings: Saved Team Members Hours * Team Member Hourly Rate + Saved Managers Hours * Manager Hourly Rate - WorkZone License Cost