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Project Tracker Overview

Project Tracker Overview

By Product Team

With Project Tracker, your entire team has web based access to the latest projects, schedules, and status. Automated alerts highlight projects and tasks that need attention, helping keep projects on time.

Once you’ve selected Project Tracker, from the navigation bar at the top, you get a glance of everything that’s going on across the company, how many active projects we have going on within each workspace and even status symbols that will show you where tasks are delayed, or if an entire project is already late. This view can then be expanded to show you those projects within each workspace. We can then see who was in charge of a project, the duration of time given to a project, the status, and even notes allowing you to keep up-to-date information. Workspaces can also be focused on individually. You can expand a project plan to show you the list of tasks that make up this project.

Here, we can then begin communicating better around our projects, by assigning responsible parties to tasks, setting up email notifications, and using the notes field or comments to communicate around our tasks. If you often work on similar projects, you may save existing projects as templates to use again in the future. A template can then be saved with the responsible parties attached to it, so you don’t have to reallocate the same resources to a project every time you recreate it. Once you’ve got a chance to lay out a series of projects within Project Tracker, you can view this information in a Gantt chart, which is a graphical representation of all of your projects schedules across a calendar view. It can be a useful tool for providing a visual overview of your projects.

If you have any questions or need help with creating projects, please do not hesitate to call us at 610-275-9861.