Balancing a Casual Work Environment

Jim Harkless
Balancing a Casual Work Environment
Casual Friday (Photo credit: mirsasha)

“Casual” work environments are all the rage, as Fortune 500 companies show off their less structured versions of the traditional workplace. But while all types of company cultures have their place in the business world, it is important that the casual is balanced against driven work ethic and discipline, so the workload gets handled–no matter what your style of management is. The most successful companies will have a firm but fluid process in place for getting workflows taken care of each business day.

Does your company currently utilize project management principles to make sure tasks get handled on time? Leaving prioritization and workflow creation and maintenance to chance is not the way to manage a company well. Instead, you should ensure you have sufficient web-based project management software implemented for your managers and upper leadership teams to oversee the work ethic of your key people.

But simply booting up an old copy of Microsoft Project probably will not do the trick in most cases. MS Project does not have the flexibility business in the 21st century require to balance a casual work environment against the rigid demands of the fast-paced market. In place of programs like Project, modern collaboration software like Basecamp¬†or Workzone will give you the fluidity you need to maintain the company culture you’ve worked so hard to create while still generating profits down to your bottom line. Functions like online document management, 24/7 access, and maintenance-free use can help you to manage the work that needs to get done seamlessly, while sustaining whatever type of work ethic you’ve instilled in your people.

While balancing the needs of your customers and contracts against a casual, friendly workplace is never easy, having the tools in place to accomplish the task day in and day out is the way to start. Far too many companies complain of not having enough hours in the day to get the necessary work done, while they never even bother to invest in sorely needed technology to that end. Yet with the right work ethic, your unique company culture, and a strong vision and set of values, you can use today’s technology to balance work and a pleasant environment with flying colors.

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