project management for non project managers

Project Management for Non-Project Managers Guide

Project management for non-project managers? That’s right.

Are you in over your head with details and deliverables? Are you delegating work? Are you doing any kind of work that requires planning?

You may be a project manager and not even know it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of successful agency leaders, marketing directors, IT specialists, and more feel like you.

Get the basics of project management without the jargon.

This project management for non-project managers guide is to help managers who may be experienced in another field but are in charge of running projects.

This eight-chapter guide covers:

  • Basics of project management (the important things you need to know)
  • The skills you need to be successful managing projects
  • All about a project’s start, middle, end

Complementing this guide is an ebook about buying project management and getting your team more productive with limited resources. Check them out if you want to learn more.

We left out the jargon (sorry if there are a few phrases in there that might be jargon-y). At least you aren’t taking any exams, right? Phew!!