Completed Projects

The Completed Project report list projects that have been marked complete. You can filter by the End Date of the project, project responsible or project category. You can also see a summary of projects completed by month by workspace.

Customizing which columns are displayed in this report is possible by clicking the three vertical lines (|||) symbol in the top right. The following listed columns can be turned on or off by checking the appropriate box:

  • Number
  • Category
  • Actual time/variance
  • Target end date
  • Marked completed date/variance – This will actually enable two columns. One, MARKED COMPLETE, provides the exact date the project’s state was set to Completed, the other, MC VARIANCE, provides the difference in days between the Marked Complete date and the scheduled end date (the END column). This is calculated as Marked Complete minus End (and can go negative if a project is marked complete early).

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