Recent Activity

The Recent Activity dashboard provides a summary of recent activity for a specific workspace or all workspaces. You have the option of choosing activity for the past one day, past three days, seven days (default) or past thirty days. Each user sees only those workspaces and items for which the user has viewing permission.

Activity is shown from the Documents, Projects, Calendar, Requests and Messages (Posts specifically) modules. Each item shows the type of activity (new documents also show an icon representing the file type of the document), item name, user, date and comments (if any). Click on the link for any individual items for direct access to that item within Workzone.

If you are looking at ALL WORKSPACES, the Recent Activity dashboard organizes information by workspace. The first ten items for each workspace will be shown, with a link to show any additional items beyond the first ten. If a workspace has no activity during the chosen period, that workspace will not appear in the ALL WORKSPACES view.

If you are looking at a specific workspace, the default view groups recent activity by “Today”, “Yesterday” and “Older”. If you prefer, you may change the view to group recent activity by activity type (new document, comments, approvals) by using the Sort drop-down list at the top right, changing the selection from “Date” to “Activity”.

Print a clean copy of the report by clicking the Print icon at the top right of the report.

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