Task/Project Categories

Projects and tasks can be assigned categories, which allows for filtering projects or tasks into logical groupings (copywriting, design, finance, electrical, mechanical, etc.) as well as tracking labor rates for time entries (To enable Labor Rates for your site, please call Workzone at (610) 275-9861).

Categories used in Projects come from the global categories list for your organization, accessed under the Settings link for ALL WORKSPACES. On the left menu, under Global Settings, click the Categories link. Projects, Tasks, and Events tabs designate the specific use of the category.

On the Task List, you can filter for all projects or tasks with a specific category. In the upper right corner of the page, click the edit link next to FILTERS. Under “Show only TASKS that match…”, in the first drop-down menu, select Category to filter for tasks by category. Type the specific category in the text box to the right.

Under “Show only PROJECTS that match…” click “Add project filter” and in the first drop-down menu, select Category to filter for tasks by category. Type the specific category in the text box to the right.

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