Search Across Modules

Click the magnifying glass icon at the top right of any page.

To conduct a search, enter a keyword or phrase in the search box and click Search. The search will include only items from the currently-selected workspace from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. [To search all workspaces (that the user can access), switch to ALL WORKSPACES in the workspace drop-down menu.]

Items matching your search term will be shown on the search results page. In addition to the total number of results, you will see how the matches break down by the information category where they were found — Documents, Comments, Calendar, Tasks, Projects, Requests, and Messages — with links to each category of results.

Scroll down to see the results or click on one of the category links to jump to that category in the results list.

In the results list, the selected keyword or phrase will be highlighted in yellow to help you understand why the document was selected.

Click the “save” link to the far right of any document in the search results list to download the document.

Click on the underlined link for any search result to go to the detailed page for that item, from where you can open the item (document) or see details and comments for the item. If you wish to stay on the new page, at the top of the screen click REMOVE FRAME (stay on this page). [Note: the search results window will remain open in a separate tab in your browser.] To return to the search results page (closing the new page for the specific item), click RETURN TO SEARCH RESULTS at the top of the page.

By default, Search looks for results that have all of the words you have entered into the search box. To broaden your search (to any of the words) or narrow your search (to exact phrase), click on Advanced Search at the top right of the search window.

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