Automatic Email Notifications

Workzone can automatically notify users via e-mail when certain activities occur. Default auto notification settings for your organization are specified under Settings – Auto Notifications – Event-based notifications for All Workspaces. Notifications can be changed for individual workspaces under Settings for that workspace.


  • when tasks become late
  • downstream non-summary task responsible parties when non-summary predecessor tasks are marked as complete or become late
  • 48 hours prior to task start date
  • 48 hours prior to task end date
  • when Projects fields are updated


  • when an approval form in Documents is completed by an approver
  • when a document approval becomes late (a user does not respond to the approval request by the due date)

These additional Documents notifications can be sent to specific Associate users, identified at the workspace level only:

  • Reviewers upload documents
  • Reviewers post comments
  • Partner users upload documents for this specific workspace
  • Partner users post comments for this specific workspace

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